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Betting on the Kentucky Derby: How to Pick a Winning Horse
As the first leg of the Triple Crown Races, the Kentucky Derby is one of the world’s most preeminent horse racing events. Among bettors, it’s also one of the most popular.... Read the full article

Conquer Horse Show Nerves--8 Tips to Help You Relax at Competitions
The following article was inspired by a rider who told me, "I have a wonderful, talented thoroughbred. We can do Second and Third level work at home, yet when we compete, we can barely get through a First Level test. The missing link seems to be relaxation. My horse is off the track, and we seem to feed off each other's tension. How does a normally tense person learn to relax?"... Read the full article

Horse Gifts for Kids
Trying to find gifts for young horse lovers doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are so many fun gifts available these days that you are sure to find something for everyone on your list. This month, we will show you a few of the best gifts for this age group, so you can be sure to get something that will really make them happy. ... Read the full article

Pampering Your Horse
Most horse owners spend a great deal of time making sure that their horses physical needs are met, but many overlook the emotional needs of their pets. The more love and affection you give your horse, the happier they will be. And just like humans, horses can become stressed and overworked, which is why it’s good to learn how to pamper your horse from time to time. This month, we will show you a few things that you do to de-stress your horse, and possibly yourself in the process. ... Read the full article

Top 10 Gifts for the Horse Lover
With the holidays just around the corner, you may be wondering what to get the horse lovers in your life this holiday season. There are so many high quality products on the market these days, that no matter what your budget you can find something that really puts a smile on your loved ones faces. Below you will the top 10 gift categories for horse lovers and enthusiasts. ... Read the full article

Holsteiner Horses- Explored
Holsteiner horses have been around for over 700 years, which is a relatively short period of time compared to some of the other breeds around. Originally breed for both beauty and stability, the Holsteiner horse is wide known throughout many breeding and Olympic circles. You may be surprised to know, that many of the Olympic winning horses are of Holsteiner linage. They have come a long way in the past few years, and are sure to be around for many years to come.... Read the full article

Horse Showing- Understanding the In’s and Outs
Deciding to start showing horses is just the first step to getting in the ring. There are dozens of rules and regulations that you must be aware of before starting to compete, so it is important that you read up on the requirements and rules before pursuing a showing career. Many will spent weeks or even months getting ready for their first competition, to make sure that they conform to judge’s rules. It is also recommended that you attend at least one professional equestrian show to get a feel for what is needed to win in these types of competitions. ... Read the full article

Kids and Competition- Are They Ready?
Deciding to get your kids involved in competition is a major decision. It will affect your schedule, pocketbook, and have a huge impact on your child. You will have to weigh the pros and cons carefully, and help teach your children the ins and outs of competition. With the right guidance, every child can leave the ring with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Keep reading to find out more about equestrian competition as it pertains to the youngest members of your family. ... Read the full article

Miniature Horses
Miniature horses have been around since the 17th century, and can be seen in growing numbers all over the world. They are known as Falabellas, Miniature Shetlands, or Miniature Ponies. These small horses are definitely a site to be seen and have won the hearts of many horse lovers. A miniature horse can come in a variety of colors, but cannot exceed 34 inches in height, which is roughly half the size of a full-size breed. This month, we want to explore the history and background of the miniature horse and look into one of the biggest organizations that dedicate themselves to the growth and development of the species. ... Read the full article

Spotlight on Equestrian Centers Around the World
Anyone that has spent any time in the show arena has been to at least one or two really outstanding equestrian centers. The type of center that makes you take notice. Nowadays, they have equestrian centers that span the globe and offer a wide variety of services and offerings. You can board your horse, take a class, and participate in show events if the center is large enough. Many have even started offering events and services for the younger generation, and some even offer spa treatments for equestrian lovers. The sky is the limit when it comes to today’s modern equestrian centers, so in honor of that, we wanted to take the time this month to spotlight just a few of these amazing establishments. ... Read the full article

The Welsh Pony Explored
The Welsh Pony knows the meaning of a hard day’s work. The breed originated in the mountains, and was built to withstand harsh weather and long, tedious work days. Over time, the breed also became known for its intelligence and loyal spirit. ... Read the full article

Arabian Horses Explored
There is no mistaking an Arabian horse. Their majestic beauty and stature are known throughout the world, and are one of the most popular breeds of horses alive today. They are also one of the oldest breeds ever on record, and have gone through a tremendous amount of change to get to the Arabian horse of modern day. Today’s Arabians are a mixture of careful breeding and evolution. Historically, they were known for their hardiness. They were able to withstand extreme heat, wind, and drought where other horse breeds fell short. Today, they are bred mainly for sport, but their historical roots are still visible in their overall appearance.... Read the full article

Lyme Disease- The Silent Killer
Of all the ailments that your horse can have, Lyme disease is one of the most puzzling. Since horses are athletic in nature, many of the early symptoms of the disease can often be explained away as normal equestrian ailments. In fact, almost 90% of the horses that contract Lyme disease go undiagnosed. Understanding more about the factors that play a role in Lyme disease, and understanding how to diagnose and treat the disease can go a long way to protecting your livestock. Keep reading to find out more about this silent killer.... Read the full article

West Nile- What You Need To Know
Dealing with a sick horse is never fun, especially when it is something that could have been prevented. West Nile has claimed the lives of dozens of horses over the past 10 years, and has the potential to do more damage in the years ahead. Those that live in warmer climates are the biggest targets. So it is imperative that you know the signs and symptoms and understand the different treatment options that are available to you. With just a little bit of know-how, you can reduce the risk of West Nile dramatically for your own livestock and those of your neighboring farms.... Read the full article

Preventative Medicine Key to Keeping Horses Healthy
With media headlines warning that West Nile Virus is striking harder this year, horse owners are taking preventative measures to protect the animals they love. Of course, the potentially deadly virus is not the only threat to horse health. Worms, ulcers and a myriad of other issues seek to plague our equine friends. As all veterinarians recommend: The key to horse health is preventing problems before they begin. This is easy to do if you purchase vaccines, wormers, and ulcer preventatives from 1-800-PetMeds. Of course, the cost of equine medications can be high because of the sheer size of the horse, but 1-800-PetMeds offers the lowest prices, making it affordable to keep your horse healthy.... Read the full article

Using the Internet to Find Your Dream Home
Are you in the market for a new home? Are you looking for something that will give both your family and your horses ample room to grow and play? Finding a suitable property for you and your livestock can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to look. In most areas of the country, equestrian properties are few and far between. But if you know how to use all your resources, you can find those hidden gems that make the process all worth it in the end. Below you will find tips and tricks to finding great properties using the internet. ... Read the full article

Amazing Equestrian Homes across the Country
Buying a new home or ranch can be an exciting endeavor, but it can also be one riddled with many decisions and worries. If you are in the market for a new Equestrian property that both you and your livestock can call home, you will want to brush up on the basics and maybe even take a sneak peek at some of the amazing properties available to you. So follow us as we tour some amazing equestrian homes, and get the lay of the land to help you make the best purchasing decision possible.... Read the full article

Riding Across the U.S.A.
Many riders long for a change of scenery and pace, and riding cross country is just the ticket. Getting out of the pasture and onto the open road not only gives you a new perspective on things, but allows you to bond with other riders along the way. So, if you are longing for something different this spring or summer, consider riding across the countryside. There are a variety of books and websites devoted to horseback riding, and you are encouraged to take advantage of all of the resources available to you. With a little bit of effort, you can plan a trip that is both exciting and relaxing for all those involved.... Read the full article

Equestrian Camps
Whether you choose to ride for work or pleasure, equestrian camps can be a great way to hone your riding skills in a fun, supportive environment. There are dozens of different camps available for both young and old, and you can even choose from a variety of different riding styles and philosophies. So, if you long to spend a few hours, days or even a few weeks riding consider your equestrian camp options carefully. A little bit of research can mean the difference between a week of fun or a week of frustration.... Read the full article

Equestrian Getaways: Costa Rican Style
When it comes to equestrian getaways, there are many options. You can choose to see the local countryside, or you can venture out to new and exciting arenas. Many riders may be hesitant to travel to exotic locals, because of the lack of information available to them. This year, if you are looking for something new and different consider Costa Rica for your next equestrian adventure. You will be amazed at the sights and sounds that await you in this jungle paradise. ... Read the full article

Behind the Scenes of Dreamer
Horses that have battled the odds to achieve something that seems impossible capture our imagina¬tion and hearts. John Gatins, the writer and director of Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story, knew that, because he spent much of his youth around horseracing. “I was only 10 when I went to the racetrack for the first time,” says Gatins. “The way the New York papers described the horses—they gave them personalities; the race horses came alive as actual characters. I thought it would be great to make a movie about those characters. I started going to the racetrack and following them like athletes.”... Read the full article

Sitting Bull’s Circus Horse
There were many horses throughout history that made a great impact on the world that we live in today. Some have been highly profiled and talked about, while others have fallen to the wayside only to be discussed amongst major historian and equestrian enthusiasts. The Dancing Circus Horse is one such horse that is often overlooked in the text books but had a great impact on the path of history. He was the side kick of Sitting Bull during his later years, a great holy man of the Lakota Sioux Tribe. ... Read the full article

Black Jack, Last Army Horse
In today’s world of high tech equipment, and war heroes, it is easy to forget about the ones that came before us. There are a variety of unsung heroes and warriors that took part in the battles of long ago. Many of which were horses. One of the most important army horses in the United States history was Black Jack, the last Army horse of his kind. While his job was mainly symbolic in nature, he stood for an entire line of service horses that helped the United States become the country that it is today.... Read the full article

Weaning Foals
Weaning time is always a dreaded time on the farm. There is nothing worse than watching your poor foal in sheer panic as they run up and down the fence line calling for its mother. It can be a stressful time for anyone, and if you aren’t prepared it can seem like an eternity. So the question is then- how can we make the weaning process as painless as possible? Here is a quick refresher course, along with some top strategies, on the weaning process in general.... Read the full article

The First Few Days
The birth of a new foal can be an exciting and trying time for any horse owner. There are lots of things to do, and it is imperative that you pay close attention to your newest little family member. Below you will find some tips and tricks to keeping your new foal safe and healthy. We will also address some of the toughest problems like bottle feeding, which can cause undue stress if you aren’t prepared.... Read the full article

Questions to Ask your Vet before Breeding
Deciding to breed your horse is a big step, and chances are you have a few questions that you want answered. Whether this is your first or fiftieth time, you don’t know it all. So here are some of the most commonly asked questions- and answers that we have found in our own breeding adventures. It is important to remember that every horse and situation is different, so ask your vet about your own specific case. ... Read the full article

Dealing with Mare Infertility
Breeding a mare can be an exciting and trying time for any horse lover, but it can also be muddled with frustration and confusion if infertility is suspected. There is nothing worse than spending the fall and winter months anticipating a successful conception, only to find that your mare is unable to conceive. Despite your best efforts and monetary investments, your mare may go cycle after cycle without any kind of results. So what is a horse lover to do? ... Read the full article

Using Technology to Get Results Faster
Recent technological developments have made mare breeding faster and more efficient than ever before. Many of the techniques and tools that were originally designed for infertility treatments are now being used for healthy ovulating mares. The main advantage of course is faster pregnancy achievement. They are also great for long distance mating. The main drawback has to do with commitment and monetary issues. You want to discuss your options with your vet, and make sure to budget in the added vet bills that are likely to accumulate from some of these procedures.... Read the full article

Decades of Fashion for Horse and Rider
For as long as there have been equestrian sports, there has been a changing environment in equestrian fashion. Though the styles have changed as trends and needs have changed, many of the basic principles have remained the same. Whether you would like to hold true to the classic equestrian look, or adopt a more modem style, a wide range of options are available to suit your individual taste.... Read the full article

Power Behind the Draft
It is quite possible that the United States of America would not have been able to build the strong industry is has today without the help of the draft horse. These horses have aided this country through the Industrial Revolution, World War I, and even play a vital role today. Known as an icon of strength and power, draft horses are the “gentle giants” of the equine species. ... Read the full article

Essential Giving for the First-Time Horse Owner
If a first-time horse owner had everything they needed to care for, show and ride a horse from the start, there would be no fun in collecting specialty items and building a barn full of useful equipment. Knowing the expense involved in owning a horse, why not treat your horse lover to a special gift to start off their collection? With a great selection of both fun and essential items, you are sure to find a great gift that fits within your budget.... Read the full article

Strong Saddles for Serious Sports
Purchasing a saddle is an investment that deserves careful consideration. Not only can a saddle make a difference in form and physique, it can outlive its use, change the way we ride and even teach us to be better riders. The quality of a good saddle is worth the research, long hours and money spent. ... Read the full article

The Equine Element: Private Communities with Equestrian Facilities
I remember the long, tedious drive from my parents’ home to the barn where my equine pal, Clyde, was boarded. It was difficult for my busy parents to drive the 30+ miles to the barn on a daily basis, so I didn’t have as much saddle time during early adolescence as I would have liked. A few years later, we moved to an equestrian minded community in Northern Colorado. My mom smiled as she gazed out the kitchen window at Clyde grazing happily, and I now had access to miles of bridal paths, a common area, and an outdoor arena. I had found my equine element. ... Read the full article

Types, Breeds and Disciplines, Where to Begin
For a rider who is new to the equestrian world, becoming familiar with terminology can be a challenging feat. Because horses are categorized several different ways, sorting through the different meanings can be overwhelming. Through experience, a little research and a lot of patience, speaking in equestrian-tongue can become second nature even to the novice rider.... Read the full article

Arabian, the First of Its Kind
The world famous Arabian horse has a unique history and origin that is still a mystery to historians and scientists today. Through strict breeding habits, the Arabian maintains the most prominent qualities of its ancestors even to this day. Prized for its unique characteristics, this breed has been cherished for centuries, and continues to be influential in modern day riding and breeding.... Read the full article

Help Your Horses Heal Naturally
Horse expert Ivana Holub shares cost-saving information about safe and natural remedies for your horse. “After a decade of dedicating myself to healing horses the natural way, I decided to write a book that reveals all the new, old and forgotten discoveries available,” Holub says. “The information in this book could save your horse’s life.”... Read the full article

Know Your Competition: Getting the Scoop on Rivals
There is one common element in every competition, and that element is other competitors. At any level of competition it is important to be aware of the talents you are competing against. It is even more important to learn how you can use your observations of other competitors as a way to strengthen your own competition.... Read the full article

Trained to Win: The Art of High Performance Disciplines
The majority of riders who compete in equestrian competitions aim to win. They know that a gold metal does not come easily, nor is preparation for a competition merely an occasional weekend ride. It takes commitment, an investment in the success of the horse and rider team.... Read the full article

From Colic to Respiratory Disease: Illnesses Affecting Horses Today
Illness prevention is critical in maintaining equine health. Though an owner can never be certain that their horse will not fall victim to an equine illness, having the ability to identify potential symptoms and take action could make a big difference in the overall health of your horse. With several different kinds of illnesses affecting horses today, learning about the different types, signs and symptoms, and treatment techniques is more important than ever before. ... Read the full article

Horse Shows: The Competitive Edge
Competing in a horse show is more involved than just hoping in your car with horse in tow and mounting the horse in the ring. If showing a horse were easy there would be no competition, no strategy for success or metals to be won. This type of competition is extremely rigorous and with the stress of preparing for the show we sometimes forget the basic elements, the little things that give your performance the competitive edge.... Read the full article

Dealing with Fear in Horses
Anyone who loves horse riding or is associated with horses knows the immense pleasure of being in touch with one of Nature’s swiftest, most powerful and quick-witted creations. The contradiction that emerges is that horses by themselves in Nature’s chain are gentle, harmless creatures, yet whenever you go to a riding school or club the first ominous sign you see warns you of the risks inherently expected from such a sport due to the horses’ ‘natural instincts’ of bolting, bucking, kicking, rearing, biting etc. ... Read the full article

Tack and Supply Shopping Made Simple with Professional, Ring Tested Picks
It can take a lifetime to find the tack and nutrition products that really perform for you. And when it comes to being the best, it takes more than fine horses and superb riding. Ask Laura and Bob Kraut, a couple which has been center stage in international show jumping competitions for more than two decades. It also takes outstanding tack and feed supplements to provide the cues and energy to make winning horse and rider teams.... Read the full article

Amazing Equestrian Estates
Whether you long for rolling hills in a rustic setting, or prefer the modern conveniences of a larger town, an amazing equestrian estate has endless possibilities to suit your needs and lifestyle. Whether you plan to build a new structure or transform and existing one, a little creativity can bring out the best in your estate. With the proper planning and time to spare, you could turn your home into an amazing equestrian estate by adding style and convenience to your home and your barn.... Read the full article

The Barn Next Door: Buying vs. Renting
Perhaps one of the most important considerations relevant to horse ownership is choosing where to board your horse. There are advantages and disadvantages to boarding your horse on your own property or choosing to board your horse at a local stable. By prioritizing your needs and taking your lifestyle and the health of your horse into consideration, you will be able to make the decision that is right for you.... Read the full article

Like Living in the Wild: Natural Equestrian Homes
Modernizing a horse’s environment to convenience the needs of humans could have damaging effects on the health of our horse companions. In order to maintain the physical and mental well being of your horse it is important to become familiar with how a horse lives in its natural environment. Making changes to your barn or landscape so that it reflects a horse’s natural environment could improve your horse’s overall health while adding visual interest to your already existing barn or stable.... Read the full article

Equine Drug Regulations: Know the Facts, Know the Rules
Strict regulations exist involving the use of certain medications given to horses before and during competition. Despite these regulations, problems involving the use of performance enhancers and other forbidden medications still exist within the industry. Becoming aware of the restrictions and guidelines involving the use of medication for competing horses can help prevent your horse from being disqualified from competition.... Read the full article

Alfalfa and Nutrition
Though controversy exists surrounding the use of alfalfa as a source of vitamins and minerals for horses, there are also benefits supporting its use. With the right balance of alfalfa and other roughage, horses can benefit from its nutritional content. Finding the right balance for your horse will be the key to ensuring your horse maintains a healthy diet.... Read the full article

The Benefits and Dangers of Alternative Medicine
The primary concern for any horse owner is keeping your horse in great health. With several options in healthcare to choose from, deciding on the best program for your horse can be overwhelming. Alternative therapies can be a positive addition to your horse’s health program, but like anything else, it is important to educate yourself in the world of alternative medicine before introducing them to your horse. ... Read the full article

On the Road with Traveller, General Lee's horse
During the era of the American Civil War, a good horse was worth its wait in gold – as essential to a successful ground campaign as the infantry around it or the rider atop it. ... Read the full article

Famous Horses of the Civil War
Horses played a critical role during the Civil War. Both the Union and Confederate armies relied heavily on the strength, endurance and mobility of the horses that joined them on the battlefield and beyond. These horses were recognized for their courage and dedication to the war, earning a name for themselves in United States history.... Read the full article

Wild Horses in Need; a Story with an Old West Flavor
Indians, wild horses, villains and heroes. This is a story straight out of the Old West. This is the stuff of Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey. In a grab for gold, Indians are cheated out of their land. Cattle are stolen and wild horses are rounded up in a range war. An unscrupulous villain emerges to help perpetuate the swindle and a group of unlikely heroes step in at the 11 th hour to try and save the day. ... Read the full article

Out of the Barn: Exercising Your Horse on Trips and Trails
Exercise is essential to equine health. Now that spring has arrived, the weather is getting nicer, and summer is around the corner, it is a great time to be creative when developing your horse’s exercise program. Taking your horse out of the barn and adding variety can not only provide your horse with the exercise it needs to remain fit, it can also be a fun outdoor activity for the whole family.... Read the full article

How to Plan Your First Equestrian Vacation
As the summer vacations arrive, you may find yourself in a fix thinking how to make the most of it. You may have had enough of traveling and beach vacations and may have lazed around enough during the summers earlier. Now you would like to have some fun and frolic, but not in an ordinary way. In that case, an equestrian vacation may be the right choice for you. It will give you great fun, excitement and a lot to learn.... Read the full article

Tips on Preparing for an Equestrian Vacation
The outdoors experience draws many equestrian vacationers. Breathtaking scenery, close-up views of wildlife, creaking of saddle leather, birds singing in distant trees and the soft clop-clop of horses' hooves are all part of the experience. One important thing to keep in mind when going on an equestrian vacation is to be prepared. Here are some tips to help you choose, and prepare for, your equestrian vacation.... Read the full article

Experiencing Telluride with the Marlboro Man
You can ride horses anywhere in the world – and anywhere in the U.S. from the coast of Maine to the barren desert of the American Southwest. But, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful and awe-inspiring trail ride than through the Greyhead area of the Wilson Range within the Rocky Mountains just outside the resort city of Telluride, Colo.... Read the full article

Camps for Kids the Equestrian Way
If you are looking for a fun and educational way for your child to spend the summer, consider sending them to an equestrian camp. A variety of camps are available for your horse-lover regardless of skill level or interest. Sending your child to an equestrian camp can not only provide them with a summer activity, but also give them hands on experience working with horses, learning a variety of equestrian sports and teaching them responsibility. ... Read the full article

Choosing the Perfect Equestrian Vacation
Do you like adventure? Do you like horses? An equestrian vacation can run the gamut of experiences. It may include anything from quiet rides and the solitude of shaded mountain trails through old growth native forests in the Smoky Mountains to stepping back in time 125 years to become part of a real cattle drive that crosses the Bozeman Trail and the spot where Crazy Horse surrendered in 1877. ... Read the full article

Born for Speed: 6 Horses that Defined Racing
Any race fan knows the rumble of the track, the anticipation of a winner and the excitement of a neck-to-neck performance. One of the most popular spectator sports of all time, horse racing has become tradition in the United States and all over the world. Through this sport, champion racehorses have been recognized, bred and admired for their record breaking athletic abilities and defined characteristics. It is the passion and progression of this sport that has made it what it is today.... Read the full article

Carrying Greatness: Alexander's Buchephelus
Controversial filmmaker Oliver Stone’s 2004 epic Alexander generated more than its fair share of controversy for alleged historic inaccuracies and racy sexual scenes. But, horse enthusiasts might have taken issue with him for largely ignoring one of the real-life Alexander’s most trusted friends, his legendary horse, Bucephalus. ... Read the full article

Looking for Love: Online Dating Services for Horse Lovers
If you tell the average pedestrian that you’re a member of a horse dating service, they might turn you into the ASPCA – or the police. But, those within the equestrian community are discovering how the on-line dating craze has expanded to include special services devoted exclusively to horse enthusiasts.... Read the full article

Preparing Your Mare for Pregnancy
Any horse owner who is considering breeding their mare must not only be in tune with her unique characteristics, but also have a strong appreciation for the animal as a whole. If you consider the level of attention needed to properly care for a pregnant human, then you have a basic understanding of the level of attention needed to care for a pregnant mare.... Read the full article

How to Care For Your Pregnant Mare
After months of waiting, searching for a stallion and careful preparation your attempt to breed your mare is successful. So now what do you do? What is the next step and how can you ensure that your mare will experience a healthy pregnancy? Though there is no way to be sure complications won’t arise, important elements to a healthy pregnancy can be addressed, such as veterinary care, proper nutrition and appropriate exercise for your mare.... Read the full article

Mare and Foal Bonding
The bond between a mare and foal begins long before the foal is born. After birth the essential relationship between mare and foal is built, allowing the mare to nurture, teach and protect her foal until it is ready to care for itself. Making sure this bond forms, being aware of normal versus abnormal behavior and knowing how to properly care for your new foal will help create a strong and healthy adult horse.... Read the full article

Can You Breed a Perfect Foal?
If every owner had the key to unlocking the formula for breeding the perfect foal, then there would be no competition, no challenge, and no appreciation for the art and science of breeding. If breeding was this easy and we were all able to breed the exact foal to suit our needs on the first try we would be bending the laws of nature and taking away from the excitement of discovering the unknown. We may not be able to breed the perfect foal every time, but though trial, error, skill and a little luck it is possible to find the right combination to suit our needs. ... Read the full article

Horseback Riding: A History of Style
Horseback riding is not only a sport, but a style and a culture as well. When you mount a horse, do you think about the style of horseback riding you perform, or where this style originated? Understanding these styles and how they developed can enrich the riding experience and help create an even deeper relationship between horse and rider. In addition, how these styles of riding affect the horse physically can be a critical part of caring for your horse. ... Read the full article

Founder and Spring Grass
Founder (or equine laminitis) is a condition that catches many horse owners by surprise – partly because it can be difficult to spot until the condition is well underway. The illness is essentially microcirculation of the foot. The animal’s foot doesn't receive enough blood from the circulatory system. The illness is the result of several complex processes and frequently causes lameness in many breeds – as well as the ponies of all breeds if left unchecked.... Read the full article

Trailering for the first time
Trailering a horse for transport is something most owners take for granted as a common, necessary part of equine ownership. However, it can prove a frustrating and dangerous proposition – especially for first-time horse owners and owners of younger horses. ... Read the full article

Are You Ready to be a Horse Owner?
A horse is a very special animal that feels and thinks closer to a human being than any other species. Not only can a horse be an excellent companion, but shows its personality in its movements, gestures and affection. Because a horse is such an amazing animal it is extremely important... Read the full article

Therapeutic Riding
Therapeutic riding can benefit people of all ages with a variety of disorders, including muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, visual impairment, Down syndrome, mental retardation, autism, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, emotional disabilities, and... Read the full article

Cushing’s Disease and your Horse
According to publisher and horse owner Shelly Mellot, Cushing's Disease (scientifically known as Hyperadrenalcorticism) is a disease that hits horses and canines. “It’s caused by excessive levels of gluocorticoid (a type of steroid made by the pituitary gland),” Mellot said. “You have to take the disease very seriously because it can lead to other problems.” ... Read the full article

Hollywood Hoofers - Horses in Film
Seabiscuit was the single biggest newsmaker in the world in 1938, receiving more coverage than FDR, Hitler, or Mussolini. But the horse's original popularity was nothing compared to the success of the 2003 Oscar-nominated movie Seabiscuit. Seabiscuit and the popularity of the new film Hidalgo remind us that horses have been... Read the full article

A History of Horses and Humans
Horses have been a part of human life for much of known history. Unlike dogs, which early man made short work or domesticating, horses were among the last animals to be domesticated. Their attributes of strength, speed, and staying power made the equine a real power to be reckoned with and, so, a difficult animal to tame. Even before this domestication however, the horse has been influencing mankind in marvelous ways... Read the full article

Frank T. Hopkins and Hidalgo : True American Legends
From the rocky roads of Arabia to the fiery sands of Syria, Frank T. Hopkins and his painted mustang, Hidalgo, suffered over 60 days of torturous riding in 1890 to claim victory in the greatest long-distance endurance race of the time... Read the full article


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