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Breaking Vs. Training
Many people who are training horses will ask them questions that the horse has no way of understanding or answering. Then they will fight with the horse or hold him hostage until the horse either gives in or gives up. The so-called trainer walks away feeling like he or she has won the game because the horse finally did what they wanted him to do. But no actual communication took place. What happened was "breaking" not training.... Read the full article

Horse Logic
Good horse training is boring to watch. It looks like nothing is happening. Many people are impressed by training methods that are nothing more than a blatant series of attacks on the horse because they are dramatic to watch. However, physically dominating a horse does not teach him anything. To train a horse, you must use mental strength, not physical strength.... Read the full article

Using Pressures To Shape The Horse
Many trainers attack horses. They think that if the horse's activity level or excitement level increases, the horse is learning more. That's one of the biggest MythUnderstandings there is in the training world. In fact, the truth is just the opposite.... Read the full article

Two Minute Training
All horse owners have one thing in common… we all want our horses to behave perfectly when other people are around. No horseperson wants their horse to be known as that horse, and it is the simplest of tasks that seem to earn a horse that name. Some of the scariest moments for a horse owner (and horse) are with the vet. Deworming and vaccinations can bring out the worst in a horse, and every vet wishes that more people would take extra time to work with their horses to overcome this. Two minutes a day can go a long way to making everybody feel better about a visit from the vet.... Read the full article

Check Your Bit Fit- Julie Goodnight Tip of the Month
Most riders either inherit a bit when they purchase a horse or do their best to pick one off the shelf. But how many riders actually check the fit of their horses' bits and know for sure if they have the right ones for their horses? Your horse's mouth size and conformation, his level of training, and the rider's ability all determine which bit you should use.... Read the full article

Palm Partnership Training® Tip of the Month: Ground Training is the Key to Reading the Horse and Overcoming Fears
Observing the horse on the ground gives a rider the tools to read her horse. A rider uses her eyes to interpret what the horse is thinking by watching his eyes, ears, tail, breathing, skin and overall body more easily then when riding. A rider can also learn more about her horse’s personality, sensitivity, fitness, energy, response or moods such as confidence, relaxation, worry, or boredom!... Read the full article

Julie Goodnight Tip of the Month: Set Up For Success
Set up cones to help you plan transitions There's an old saying in horsemanship: "All of training occurs in transitions." A transition occurs any time you ask your horse to speed up or slow down-it is in the asking and your horse's compliance that the training occurs. Be precise with your transitions and try to execute them at a specific place. I like to keep markers set up around my arena, using cones or brightly colored duct tape on the fence, marking the mid-point on each side, as well as quarter marks on the long sides. This way, I can execute my upward and downward transitions right on the marks and learn more about my horse's preparation/response time and how precisely he follows my cues. Remember, practice does not make perfect-only perfect practice makes perfect!... Read the full article

Choosing Bits
Bits are one of the most MythUnderstood pieces of horse equipment man has ever invented. The things that people think they're supposed to do with a bit in a horse's mouth are unbelievable.... Read the full article


Kicking Bear Mustangs proudly presents…..
Basic Horse TrainingBy Michael HockemeyerPublished by Hats Off BooksWith its November, 2005 release, Basic Horse Training is the first in a series of books focused on the many different aspects of horsemanship. Take a look at Basic Horse Training and... Read the full release

Top 20 Training Tips
World champion trainer Don Blazer reveals his top 20 training tips in a new free report from www.horsecoursesonline.com. “Over the years I’ve interviewed some great horse trainers, and they generously offered insights, techniques and sec... Read the full release

Aqueduct Training Hours Shift to Allow Additional Casino Construction Time
OZONE PARK, N.Y. – The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) has announced an amended training schedule at Aqueduct Racetrack that will allow Genting additional construction time on the Resorts World New York casino. Starting on Monday, Jan... Read the full release

Now available on DVD! Training the Modern Jumper Elmar Pollman-Schweckhorst
Trafalgar Square Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Training the Modern Jumper by Elmar Pollmann-Schweckhorst. In this new DVD, internationally renowned jumper rider and trainer Elmar Pollmann-Schweckhorst reminds us of the advantages o... Read the full release

Dialed in Taken Out of Training, Knee Surgery Scheduled for Next Week
ELMONT, N.Y. – Dialed In, winner of this year’s Grade 1 Florida Derby and fourth in the Grade 1 Preakness, will have surgery next week on a chip in his right knee and will be taken out of training for a undetermined period of time, accord... Read the full release

Palm Partnership Training™ Announces “For the Love of a Horse” Essay Contest
Ocala, Florida (October 24th) Lynn Palm and Palm Partnership Training™ will award a free enrollment to a 2008 Palm Partnership Training Clinic to the winner of the “For the Love of a Horse” Essay Contest to be announced Christmas Day, December 25th, ... Read the full release

Suzanne De Laurentis announces partnership with Start to Finish Products
Suzanne De Laurentis, co-founder of Imagine A Horse, announces partnership with Start to Finish Products with a revolutionary new DVD. “Using Treats as a Training Tool” teaches horse handlers methods to use food treats in training, responsibly and ef... Read the full release

Mary Hamilton Receives National Mounted Patrol Training Officer of the Year
December 11, 2007 – Corcoran, Minnesota- Three Rivers Park District Police Officer Mary Hamilton receives National Mounted Patrol Training Officer of the YearOfficer Mary Hamilton of Three Rivers Police Department has been a mounted police officer fo... Read the full release

For Race Fans, 'The Training Game' is Ideal Father's Day Gift
ELMONT, N.Y. – As it is every year, Belmont Park will be jumping on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21 with plenty of activities in the backyard’s Festival Tent.But if there is a need for one more token of affection for the racing fan that Dad is, checkou... Read the full release

Missy Wryn on PetLife Radio’s Horsing Around
Audrey Pavia of PetLife Radio’s Horsing Around interviews Missy Wryn about her Five Fundamentals that Translate Under Saddle for a Safer Ride. Available as podcast, iTunes, RSS and MP3 visit http://www.markiac.addr.com/PET_LIFE_RADIO/horsingep21.htm... Read the full release

Resource for Suspected Equine Learning Disabilities
Ever suspect that your horse has learning disabilities? Seriously, do you often feel that you are trying to fit a square horse into a round hole with main stream training? You are not as alone as you may feel. Suzanne De Laurentis, co-founder of Ima... Read the full release

Carole Fletcher to present demonstrations in Trick Horse Training
Ocala, FL- Carole Fletcher, author, trick horse trainer and performer, will be presenting demonstrations in Trick Horse Training at Equine Affaire in Columbus, OH at the OH Expo Center, April 2-5, 2009. She will offer demonstrations on how to bow a... Read the full release

Horse Studio offers Imagine A Horse Enlightened Trick Horse Training Series
The Horse Studio, Stamford, New York recently announced the addition of the Imagine A Horse Trick Horse Training Series of DVDs to their excellent line up of products at its “International Equestrian Shop”. www.TheHorseStudio.com."One of the many thi... Read the full release

Horse Training “INTENSIVES” Presented by Missy Wryn
Missy Wryn launches horse training “INTENSIVES” teaching horse owners side-by-side with their horse, techniques for A Safer Horse on the Ground and Under Saddle, Safer Riding IRON FREE (bitless), Solving the Problem Horse and Starting Your Horse Unde... Read the full release

Special Training Help
Equine study students can now get an “exclusive” video demonstration reply to any horse training problem they may have. The student asks, and within hours receives by e-mail a short demonstration video made exclusively to help solve the ... Read the full release

Exquis World Dressage Masters Friday Night Schedule
schedule for training for competitors in the Exquis World Dressage Masters Grand Prix Freestyle under lights at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center on Friday night is: 7:10 PM to 7:55 PM 34 Christa Laarakkers and Oavtion 31 Anja Ploenzk... Read the full release

Palm Partnership Training™ Introduces Innovative “Alliance” English Saddle Line
Ocala, FL – July 12, 2006 – Lynn Palm and Cyril Pittion-Rossillon of Palm Partnership Training™ introduce the Alliance™ line of English saddles featuring an innovative tree designed to fit Quarter Horses, Appendix Quarter Horses, Paints, and other st... Read the full release

Lynn Palm– Palm Partnership Training™ Riding Tips Featured in Women’s Health Magazine
Lynn Palm and Palm Partnership Training ™ riding tips are featured in the “Long Weekend – You Can do This” Whitefish, MT, dude ranch article in Women’s Health magazine’s October 2007 issue.Palm’s “Driving Mr. Ed” featured in Women’s Health provides ... Read the full release

Find a horse trainer
Don't miss your chance to get your horse started off right for 2009. Our list of dedicated trainers in the American Paint Horse Foundation's "Find A Trainer" program is filling up fast.A growing list of trainers specializing in everything from starti... Read the full release

Lynn Palm ~ Palm Partnership Training November Tip of the Month
Safety Tip – English StirrupsFor your safety, always keep stirrups organized on your English saddle. First, make sure you have a stirrup pad in your English stirrup. Without the pad your feet can slip too easily against the stirrup metal which is e... Read the full release




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