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Special Feature Listings

Special Feature listings showcase your business to horse enthusiasts that are in the market for products or services in the following categories:

  • Equestrian Getaways
  • Equestrian Gifts
  • Equestrian Properties
  • Tack and Supplies
  • Supplements and Medications

Listings are sold at a flat rate on a monthly basis. This position is limited to 10 advertisers a month.

Rate: $50/mo.

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Select Your Feature:

Article Targeted Banners

Does one of our articles appeal to your target market directly? Consider purchasing banner space just for that article. One 728x90 and one 160x600 will be displayed on that article for the entire month.

These banners are sold at a flat rate on a monthly basis. This position is available to only one advertiser per article, per month.

Rate: $100/mo. per article

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Enter the URL for the article you wish to sponsor:

Run of Site Banners

Looking to get maximum exposure across our site and reach a wide variety of horse enthusiasts? Consider our Run of Site (ROS) banners. One 728x90 and one 160x600 appear on every unsponsored content page (articles and news releases) across the site.

These banners are sold on a CPM (Cost per 1,000 impressions) basis. Your banners will be placed in our regular rotation.

Rate: $35 CPM

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