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Fly Spray – Wipes – Roll On’s What about those WARNINGS? Is my Horse Safe? Am I Safe?

Do you avoid having contact with the spray or wipe you are using on your horse because of the warnings or how it makes you feel? Some people complain of burning around their lips, burning of their eyes and skin or a tightening in their throat as they avoid breathing the smell. And what’s up with those warnings “do not use more than once in 7 days” or what about the “don’t use for 14 days”? Your horse is still suffering from flies after using the fly control product and you can’t use it for two weeks?

The reason for the warnings and side effects you may be experiencing is that the active ingredient=2 0is a neuro-toxic chemical that is designed to kill the flies and insects. For instance, Pyrethrum, Permethrin, Resmethrin, and DEET all are neuro-toxic chemicals that contain carcinogens known to cause cancer and are commonly found in most fly control products. Pyrethrum receives the “all natural” title since it is derived from Chrysanthemums, but Arsenic is natural too! So why are these chemicals allowed to be used in fly and insect control products? Well the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says it’s ok….. Studies that the Chemical Companies provide to the EPA show that the amount people are exposed to are not harmful. Now think about the number of products that have been pulled off the shelves by the EPA and FDA because people have died and many sickened. The EPA is designed to protect the wellbeing of Americans, but is there a conflict of interest at times between the chemical companies making money and people’s health? For instance the EPA’s director for the last eight years, Stephen Johnson, was the former director of operations at Hazelton Labs. One would think he’s got experience, great for the job, but did you know that Hazelton Labs has direct contracts with Monsanto Chemical and the major Tobacco Companies? The question of conflict is of great concern.

So what can we do as horse owners to protect against flies and insects safely? There are many safer alternatives on the market today such as fly control products that are made with essential oils, vegetable and nut oils along with the use of fly predators, an insect that kills the larvae of flies. There is no “magic bullet” to flies, not even the chemical poisons work 100%, but there are options other then chemical poisons. At the Natural Horsemanship Center of Oregon where Missy Wryn teaches her horse training program Training the Whole Horse®, manure is managed daily by removal and fly predators are sprinkled around water troughs, along fence lines and compost piles. In 1994 Missy also founded the company Nature’s Balance Care which manufactures healthy, non-toxic fly and insect control products for horses, dogs and people. Two of the products, the Bare Skin Barrier and the Groomer acquired organic certification through the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and are safe for lactating mares. All products are Made in the USA providing local jobs in a safe and healthy environment.

Missy made an ethical decision at the inception of Nature’s Balance Care to fully disclose all ingredients on the labels of all their products which is contrary to the industry. As a consumer you will notice “inactive” ingredients are not listed on most fly and insect control products, but Nature’s Balance Care products list ALL ingredients, active and inactive so the consumer can make an informed decision. Plus each ingredient in Nature’s Balance Care products has a role as part of the synergistic blends that not only control flies, but are natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and have natural skin conditioning properties, so there are no “inactive” ingredients in Nature’s Balance Care products.

Your health is just as important as your horse’s health so consider what you are being exposed to. Read the labels and make an informed decision.& nbsp; Question what is in the products you use and seek knowledge. Ask your local feed store to carry healthier alternatives. You the horse owner have the power to demand the BEST and HEALTHIEST products.

Missy Wryn is the founder of WHolistic Horsemanship Training the Whole Horse®, IRON FREE Riding, and HorseMAREship™ plus inventor of the ALL-IN-ONE Training Halter Bitless Bridle. Specializing in problem and dangerous horses Missy has developed a unique approach to training horses and riding Iron Free. Training the Whole Horse® is the foundation to Missy’s innovative and simpler approach to training your horse using effective communication that your horse will understand, honor and respect while having fun and bein g safer riding Iron Free (no bits – no spurs). Check Missy’s schedule for appearances and lectures in your area at www.WHolisticHorsemanship..com, or schedule an Intensive for you and your horse by calling 866-821-0374.

Missy Wryn is also CEO and founder of Natures Balance Care, LLC. Natures Balance Care is the manufacturer of organic approved (OMRI) fly control skin care products for dogs, horses and organic livestock. Visit http://www.NaturesBalanceCare.com


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