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Horse Slaughter for Profit: Our Country Says This is Okay?

West Palm Beach, Florida -- September 19, 2008 -- Senator Goodlatte made a statement that the horse rescues in our country can only take in 7000 horses. Where did these numbers come from, what research was done? With all the funding in our government, is there not enough to hire someone to do proper research? This is far from the truth. Our one rescue takes in 250 to 300 horses a year. The horses do not live here forever. They are rehabbed if needed and then re-homed. Many do not need rehabbing; they just need to find a good home. There are over 550-horse rescues in the country, his numbers do not add up. Lest not forget the over 10,000 organization that are equine based or use equines in their program, some have memberships of over 5 million and we have over 4.6 million horse owners in the US. You want us to believe the horses cannot be absorbed and utilized. That is a lie. Yes some horses are old and infirmed and need to be put down but we have learned that is less than 5% of the horses going to slaughter every year. Based on last years figures of horse slaughter that would account for 4500 horses per year. You want an answer to that? Responsible horse owners should have enough money (approximately $125 to $200) to humanely euthanize their horses. If you do not have the funds for that, possibly you should not own a horse. How can we have laws in our country that are based on incorrect facts and figures?

Charlie Stenholm wants us to believe that horses bound for slaughter are old and infirmed, when the facts are less than 5% are old and infirmed. The majority of the horses are young, healthy and in good flesh. How can someone who has a financial position in an issue be a credible source of information? It has been reported that Charlie Stenholm receives $3.00 for every horse that goes to slaughter. With 90,000 horses going to slaughter that is a very nice additional income. Are we really expected to believe that the slaughterhouses are going to give him a bonus of $3.00 per horse for old and infirmed horses? Come on. I recently heard a phrase "the dumbing of America." How about giving us a little credit.

The AQHA, (American Quarter Horse Association) has notably been pro-slaughter. Quarterhorses and Thoroughbreds are the most sought after for human consumption. One would think that an association representing either one of these breeds would do whatever they can to protect them from this cruel act. Now this is not the most ironic part of this story. Recently, Bill Brewer, who has served as Executive Vice President to the AQHA for 16 year's gave a speech at the AQHA 2008 Convention. In that speech he stated the following when referring to the decrease in registrations ad transfers, "That's never happened before as membership has almost always been tied to registrations and transfers. What that begins to tell us is that our members are staying connected and involved. However, because of the market conditions I described earlier they are doing so with the same number - or fewer - horses." Then he went on to state the AQHA has an idea for an answer to this problem. This somewhat changes AQHA's role in the industry because we have always assumed that we don't "control" the supplier - in our case that would be breeders. But perhaps there are things the Association can do to encourage people to breed enough good horses to meet today's demands. Now this is a pro-slaughter advocate, did he say in one sentence that there are fewer quarterhorses and they need to find a way to encourage breeding. Isn't one of the arguments fro pro-slaughter that we have too many horses and isn't one of the problems over-breeding? So in essence, not only is the AQHA condoning horse slaughter but it will aid in their new registrations. Here is a thought. The reason there are less transfers are because the quarthorses are going to slaughter, and we are making it easier and easier for individuals to just dispose of their horses with no regard to their welfare. But then again with a new baby born, the AQHA not only receives funds for a new registration and that fee but quite possibly a new member also. I guess this is not ethnic cleansing but it could be construed as "breed cleansing" for profit.

When in our country did we decide that the individuals or the organizations that have an apparent and obvious gain in a situation are allowed to govern the laws in their favor? When have we decided that abusive and inhumane treatment to an animal is acceptable because some individuals are making a profit off of the cruel and inhumane treatment? When did we decide to encourage abuse and neglect of animals and allow it to be hidden under the guise of "slaughter" What is this country coming to? When will we say ENOUGH?


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