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Wholistic Joining vs. Round Penning

Missy Wryn’s WHolistic Joining method invokes a horse’s natural instinct to recognize you as their “herd leader” without using fear or exhaustion. “In a round pen session the horse is under pressure to keep moving as a method of controlling his feet to establish the trainer’s leadership in the herd” Missy says. “Most horse’s natural instinct is a fear response looking to the outside of the round pen for an escape. A rope may be used to toss at the horse or a whip to scare him into moving. Once the horse responds in the way the trainer wants whether that is turning in to the trainer when changing direction or stopping and looking at the trainer, the pressure is released letting the horse know that was the right answer.”

“My WHolistic Joining method does not use fear or exhaustion to invoke the horse’s natural instinct to recognize me as their herd leader nor do I need a round pen. It is simply a matter of taking the position of the herd leader as observed in a pasture of horses. For instance; a new horse comes into my training program, his first day I release him into my 96’ training arena. My objective is to invoke his instinct to recognize me as the herd leader which will cause him to follow me wherever I go instinctually – he doesn’t even think about it, he just does it. Only then do I have the Whole horse focused so I can begin training – this is the foundation of WHolistic Horsemanship Training the Whole Horse™. So the new horse is running around checking things out (this is a great way to introduce a new horse to new surroundings – curiosity replaces fear) sniffing and visiting while I’m standing in one area of the arena that I’ve claimed as mine. As the herd leader my berth is very wide and I get the best of all the food and places to stand and things to look at; that’s what goes on in the pasture.

The new horse is milling around and I decide as the herd leader “I want that spot” so I run up, run off the new horse and instantly turn away, dropping my pressure because he just ran off giving me what I wanted. The horse will probably toss his head, bucking or kicking at me, but he ran off nonetheless – I got what I wanted. I don’t care if the horse is snotty during this process so long as they are not charging me – that’s a whole other discussion for another time (you can view a WHolistic Joining on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyKQI-lH19E). After a few minutes I decide “I want that space too” and run off the horse where he is standing. I’m acting just like the herd leader and after a while the horse’s instinct kicks in and he turns to me with an “oh you’re the leader so what do you want me to do” look on his face which I immediately turn my back and praise the horse (turning my back to the horse is instantly dropping pressure since horses learn from the release of pressure, not the pressure itself). And let me say every time I run the horse off I praise him verbally letting him know that was the right answer as I turn away dropping my pressure (Appreciation is the first of the Four Core Emotional Concerns I have identified that humans and horses share – I talk about them on the YouTube video as mentioned earlier http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyKQI-lH19E ).

When the horse turns to me and I’ve dropped all pressure I will then reach out my hand, lower my head and eyes, turning my body sideways walking up with my shoulder towards the horse praising quietly. I will allow the horse to sniff my hand and then I’ll gently stoke his face or neck, just a stroke or two, and walk off. If the horse begins to turn away or run off as I approach I will run the horse off making it my idea which affirms that I’m the herd leader in control of his feet.

My Training the Whole Horse DVD Series I goes into greater detail with a Clydesdale/Paint mare that had been taken away from her herd at 4 months old and put in with a donkey and a llama. Three years later she came to me for starting under saddle training and became the focus horse for my Training the Whole Horse DVD Series I. The mare didn’t understand herd language, but I knew she had instinct which I naturally invoked with WHolistic Joining. Once I established myself as the unwavering competent herd leader that she instinctually recognized, I then had the Whole horse to begin teaching how to behave safer within the human herd”.

You can view Missy’s YouTube series of videos at http://youtube.com/user/wholistichorsewoman. Training the Whole Horse DVD Series I is available online at http://www.WHolisticHorsemanship.com or call toll free 866-821-0374 to order or request a free catalog.

Missy’s IRON FREE Riding DVD will be available July 2008. For high res pictures and editorial information contact Info@WHolisticHorsemanship.com or call 866-821-0374.

Missy Wryn is the founder of WHolistic Horsemanship Training the Whole Horse® plus inventor of the ALL-IN-ONE Training Halter Bitless Bridle. Specializing in problem and dangerous horses Missy has developed a unique, fear free, and pain free approach to training horses and riding Iron Free. Training the Whole Horse® is the foundation to Missy’s innovative and simpler approach to training your horse using effective communication that your horse will understand, honor and respect while having fun and being safer Iron Free. Check Missy’s schedule for appearances and lectures in your area at http://www.WHolisticHorsemanship.com.

Missy Wryn is also CEO, owner and founder of Natures Balance Care, LLC. Natures Balance Care is the manufacturer of organic approved (OMRI) fly control products for horses and organic livestock plus organic skin condition relief for Dogs such as hot spots and skin infections. Visit http://www.NaturesBalanceCare.com.


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