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Figure Out the Fundamentals of Horsemanship

"AQHA's Fundamentals of Horsemanship, Step 1 and Step 2," are the Association's first comprehensive books that focus on the basics of horsemanship and training techniques developed to bring horses and their owners closer.

An educational partnership with La Cense Montana, each book contains more than 100 step-by-step photographs to demonstrate 30 exercises, and a 90-minute DVD on which each exercise is demonstrated, using the scenic La Cense Montana ranch as a backdrop.

AQHA has long been dedicated to educating current and would-be horse owners, and as a recognized industry leader has developed educational programs that are widely used throughout the world. "AQHA’s Fundamentals of Horsemanship" advances the Association’s mission statement to develop diverse educational programs, material and curriculum that will position AQHA as the leading resource organization in the equine industry.

“The more we understand how to work with our horses, the more pleasure they bring,” says Ward Stutz, AQHA’s director of education, member programs and youth activities. “ 'AQHA’s Fundamentals of Horsemanship' is intended to give horse owners new tools to use while building a lasting partnership with their horses.”

Each book-DVD combo sells for $24.95, and AQHA members receive a $5 discount per book. Order the books today by clicking here:




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