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New Online Magazine Showcases Horses—and Western Living

Horses play a huge part in the west, whether they’re the four-legged, hay-eating variety you can gallop across the prairie on or those enjoyable to view whether as a sculpture, on a canvas or donned as jewelry.

Now the new online magazine, http://www.contemporarywesterndesign.com not only features unique furnishings, fashion, accessories and jewelry with a western flair, but many of those have an equine theme.

Take the amazing rocking horses hand-carved by Al Carr, or the lovely watercolor art of horse enthusiast Heidi Harner. The leather furniture of Valerie Coe features horses, as does unique jewelry by Vintage Revival.

Each week, there are new feature stories. Recently, Charles Fletcher, who operates the SpiritHorse Therapeutic Riding Center, was featured. Often the articles feature folks involved with horses, whether cowboys, trainers or artisans.

The online magazine of western living was created by Thea Marx, former executive director of the Western Design Conference in Cody, Wyo. “This website has long been a dream of mine – a vehicle to help the independent craftsmen present their work to the world, and to present the world to the craftsmen,” says Marx, who is an avid horsewoman, growing up on a family ranch in Kinnear, WY.

Structured like a magazine, the website features innovations in web technology to make the site more user friendly. An example is the “Look Book,” which promotes the work of western artisans. By clicking on the corners of the book, the pages turn, as they would in a magazine.

“Horses play such a huge role in the west, from the wild horses running free in our mountains to the cow horses being ridden on the prairies to whimsical horses in art and literature, that it’s a natural that horses are a recurring theme on our website,” adds Rebecca Colnar, sales associate for the online magazine. “Our website provides a wonderful marriage of horses and the western lifestyle.”

For more information visit http://www.contemporarywesterndesign.com, , contact Marx at 307-587-8008 or Rebecca Colnar, sales associate, at 307-461-0150.



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