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Trips to Maui Are Hotly Contested by Trainers

Burbank, California. After the Golden Gate Classic in Woodside, California, Jenny Davis is still in the lead for Langer Equestrian Group’s Woodside Trainer Incentive with 235 points. If she can hold onto it through the Woodside Labor Day Classic and the Woodside Fall Finale, she will be winging off to Maui for a well earned week-long vacation. She has her work cut out for her as Beverly Jovais is not far behind her with 228.5 points. Although Davis has earned more points at each show the two attended, she skipped the Woodside Circuit Opener and Jovais took the opportunity to close the gap.

Jovais does not plan to let up, either. She will be attending the final two shows of the seven show season, taking ten to the Woodside Labor Day Classic. When asked if she has a strategy to catch Davis and claim the Maui vacation for herself, Jovais replied, “Not really. We just go to the horse shows and the students do well. We have some nice horses, so we’re really lucky. We just try to do our best.” Jovais really appreciates LEG’s Trainer Incentive. “I think it’s wonderful. We trainers work really hard, and to get something back at the end of the year is great.” She went on to say that she really enjoys LEG’s shows and the prize and money incentives. “They’re really good to us.”

In Colorado, Michael Dennehy holds a commanding lead over his fellow contenders for the Maui trip with 541 points. He is a comfortable 87 points ahead of the second place trainer, Tracye Ferguson (454 points). Like Woodside, trainers showing at the eight show Colorado shows have only two shows left: the High Prairie Fall Preview and the High Prairie Fall Classic, and Michael will be attending both of them.

“I’ve been really blessed with good horses and good people,” Dennehy said. He has come close to winning the trip in past years, but this is the first year he has been in the lead. He and his wife, Gia, were just married in April and have been attending horse shows ever since their honeymoon. They sold their house a few months ago and are now living in an RV. “A vacation would be really nice!” Michael is very thankful for LEG’s Trainer Incentive.

Larry Langer, President and CEO of LEG, started the Trainer Incentive programs because professionals are the hardest working people in this sport. Most trainers take few vacations, and when they do they are rarely extravagant. “I remember taking 30 plus horses on the road,” said Langer. “Trainers are not recognized enough in our highly labor intensive sport. My staff and I thought that a special vacation and cash awards for professionals would be meaningful since they are the backbone of our sport.”

The two trainers who accumulate the most points each season from their highest scoring Hunter, Jumper and Equitation rider at the LEG Woodside and Colorado series win an eight day trip to the beautiful Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club Resort. For more information and to see standings, please visit the LEG website at http://www.langershows.com/specical.php



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