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Organic Insect Repellent Spray
You know that all too familiar awful taste in your mouth after you use insect spray or those gagging heavy scented citronella “all natural” sprays? You can’t eat your food on a trail ride, a picnic, or camping without that horrible taste all over your hands and that sticky, greasy feeling on your skin. Nature’s Balance Care has a safe and effective all natural solution with their Organic Insect Repellent that does not contain DEET, Resmethrin, ... Read the full article

Kiss Flies Good Bye...Naturally!
With Equisect™ Fly Repellent for Horses, Ponies, Dogs and Cats Proven to Outperform Other Leading Natural Fly SpraysPHOENIX – August 1, 2008 – Horse owners are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their product choices and are asking for natural products. But when it comes to fly repellents, let’s face it, you also want something that is really going to work. Now you can have BOTH! Equisect™ Fly Repellent is very differ ... Read the full article

Economical Way to control Flies in the Barn
PHOENIX – April 30, 2009 – Did you know that Bronco® Equine Fly Spray plus Citronella Scent may be used as a premise spray as well as being an effective on-animal fly control spray? It is both handy and economical to use the same spray on your horse and in the barn. “The Bronco® product is an excellent all-around fly control choice because it may be used to kill and repel flies and other annoying insects on the horse as well as a premise spray ... Read the full article

Hooflex® Natural Dressing & Conditioner Spray from Absorbine®
Hooflex® Natural Spray Dressing & Conditioner is the newest addition to the venerable and successful Hooflex line of hoof care products from Absorbine®. This non-aerosol, quiet sprayer delivers even and thorough coverage with ease – no messy brushes or spills – and it sprays upside down for 360° coverage. This alternative to a pump spray is made up of an aerosol valve with a bag welded to it and placed into the conta ... Read the full article

Terregena Inc. Announces EPA Approval of balEnceTM Biopesticide for Equine Market
RALEIGH, NC, March 6, 2009: Terregena Inc. announced that balEnceTM Biopesticide Liquid Spray and balEnceTM Biopesticide Bait have been approved for sale to the equine market by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). balEnceTM Biopesticide Spray and Bait are organic, all natural, safe and effective biopesticides that specifically target flies – they will not harm humans, horses, pets or the environment.balEnceTM Biopesticide Spray and Bai ... Read the full article

Organic Groomer Flea & Tick Spray
Nature’s Balance releases NEW Organic, Eco-friendly, Kid safe Groomer Flea & Tick Spray to meet the demand for safer non-toxic flea and tick control. Formulated with Nature’s Balance USDA Organic Certified Groomer Concentrate, the Groomer Flea & Tick Spray delivers natural flea and tick control without Pyrethrum, Permethrin, Resmethrin or the use of neuro-toxic chemicals. The Groomer Flea & Tick Spray comes in a convenient travel size 4 oz bott ... Read the full article

Zephyr's Garden Pure & Simple Fly Spray Garners Top Review!
SANTA BARBARA, CA – March, 2011 - Zephyr’s Gardens all-natural fly repellent gained top ratings from an independent review by endurance rider Karen Chaton. On her highly viewed blog, “Karen’s Musings and Endurance Rider Stuff,” she tested the Pure & Simple Fly Spray for several months and was impressed with the results. Endurance riding equates to long hours outdoors with your horse. Sounds wonderful, but bugs ... Read the full article

Introducing Equisect Natural Fly Repellent From Farnam
The Only Equine Fly Spray Approved by OMRI and the EPAGuaranteed to Outperform Other Leading Natural Fly Sprays or Your Money BackPHOENIX - August 1, 2006 - A recent survey¹ found that 33 percent of horse owners used a natural fly spray in the past year. This is a significant increase over previous surveys, as more people seek effective, environmentally friendly insecticides. Created by nature and proven by science, Equisect™ is the first ... Read the full article

UltraShield® Green Gel Natural Fly Repellent from Absorbine®
Following the success of Absorbine’s UltraShield Green Natural Fly Repellent Spray, launched in 2010, new UltraShield Green Gel Natural Fly Repellent is a convenient and innovative form of the popular natural alternative for protection from biting flies, mosquitoes, and gnats. UltraShield Green Gel uses geraniol along with six fly-fighting natural oils to protect ears, face, and other areas from biting flies. UltraShield Green repels for ... Read the full article

New UltraShield® EX Continuous Spray from Absorbine®
W. F. Young, Inc., marketers of the Absorbine® line of animal health care products, introduces UltraShield® EX Continuous Spray, the sweat resistant insecticide and repellent formula with 17-day protection. UltraShield® EX kills and repels biting flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and ticks with a quick knockdown factor. The new continuous spray is the same hard-working formula, but now hard-to-reach sp ots can be accessed easily and unifor ... Read the full article

Bare Skin Barrier Fly Control Receives BEST CHOICE from the Horse Journal
At Missy’s barn, the Natural Horsemanship Center of Oregon, the horse’s health and wellbeing are top priority. Only the best and healthiest feed and products are provided with restrictions on the use of harmful chemicals and inappropriate feeds. For fly control manure management is the first line of defense and for the horses only Nature’s Balance Care products are used. Nature’s Balance Care Bare Skin Barrier is applied daily from chest to ta ... Read the full article

Face & Body Formula Organic Fly & Insect Relief for Horses
Nature’s Balance Care™ introduces new and improved FACE & BODY FORMULA for healthy organic relief of flies and insects. Great for shows and everyday use the FACE & BODY FORMULA stops the stomping and swishing with its quick penetrating ingredients that do not attract dirt or dust. It is safe for use around the ears, eyes and delicate skin of the face, plus strong enough to keep the biting gnats, no-see-ums and pesky flies aw ... Read the full article

Bar None™ Offers Effective and Economical Protection from Flies and Livestock Pests
The flys have landed. This time of year creates distress for horses and their owners as pesky flies and livestock pests bring misery during the heat and humidity. Protect your equine friends with new Bar None™ insect spray and fly mask, available from Equine America®, the brand known for quality products at an economical and consumer-friendly price. W. F. Young, Inc., the company that markets Equine America products, is aware that in today’s t ... Read the full article

Zephyr's Garden Products Garner Top Reviews!
SANTA BARBARA, CA – July, 2010 - Two of Zephyr’s Gardens all natural products for horses gained top ratings from independent reviews during the past few months. Healing Salve I was considered a “Horse Journal Best Choice” (May, 2010) and a “Horse Journal Favorite” (July, 2010), and Zephyr’s Thrush & Hoof Fungus Spray received a very positive review from endurance rider Karen Chaton on her highly view ... Read the full article

Fly Spray – Wipes – Roll On’s What about those WARNINGS? Is my Horse Safe? Am I Safe?
Do you avoid having contact with the spray or wipe you are using on your horse because of the warnings or how it makes you feel? Some people complain of burning around their lips, burning of their eyes and skin or a tightening in their throat as they avoid breathing the smell. And what’s up with those warnings “do not use more than once in 7 days” or what about the “don’t use for 14 days”? Your horse is still suffering from flies after using t ... Read the full article

Equilite Inc. Releases Ricochet Horse SprayT
Creator of Sore No MoreT and Nature's Best Botanical Blends Develops AnEssential Oil Blend Perfect for Bug and Fly SeasonPOTTSTOWN, PA, March 16, 2006--Equilite Inc., creator of the award-winningSore-No-MoreT arnica based herbal liniment, manufacturer of botanical animalsupplements, and other all natural topical products, has released RicochetHorse SprayT, a revolutionary new product that is already drawing ravereviews. Designed to help horses be ... Read the full article

Clinician Dennis Reis Relies on eZall SHOW-N-GO to Keep His Horses Looking Their Best
Trainer, clinician and RFD-TV host Dennis Reis says that his horses spend as much time in front of the TV cameras as he does, so he wants them to look and feel their best. “I like using eZall’s natural products on my horses to keep them healthy, and for myself I avoid breathing in aerosol type chemicals used in other horse products. So before I put them away each night I spray their tails and manes with eZall Show-N-Go,” says Reis. W ... Read the full article

Clipper Blade Maintenance Made Easy
Cleans, Cools, Lubricates, Deodorizes, Decontaminates and Prevents Rust Racine, WI (December 15, 2006) – Andis Company’s new Blade Care Plus™ is the only clipper maintenance product you’ll need to keep your clipper cool, clean, lubricated, deodorized, decontaminated and protected from rust. Active ingredients are 2%–– twice as much as other brands. Available in a jar or as a spray, Blade Care Plus™ cools down clippers with a quick dip or spray a ... Read the full article

Summer is Prime Time for Potomac Horse Fever
DULUTH, Ga. — April 15, 2009 — With summer just around the corner, now is the time to vaccinate horses against Potomac horse fever (PHF).“Horse owners need to be aware of the disease and its seasonality,” says Dr. Julia Wilson, DVM, associate professor, large animal medicine, University of Minnesota.PHF is a potentially deadly disease that can cause mild depression, anorexia, diarrhea1 and abortion in pregnant mares.2 Some horses also may develop ... Read the full article

Summer is Prime Time for Potomac Horse Fever
DULUTH, Ga. — April 15, 2009 — With summer just around the corner, now is the time to vaccinate horses against Potomac horse fever (PHF).“Horse owners need to be aware of the disease and its seasonality,” says Dr. Julia Wilson, DVM, associate professor, large animal medicine, University of Minnesota.PHF is a potentially deadly disease that can cause mild depression, anorexia, diarrhea1 and abortion in pregnant mares.2 Some horses also may develop ... Read the full article




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