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Haertel Joins Back Country Horsemen of America
Graham WA January 29, 2008 - The Back Country Horsemen of America is happy to announce that Kandee Haertel has joined its staff as the Director of Development. Her experience as past Executive Director of the Equestrian Lands Conservation Resource shows that Kandee understands what it means to be a horseback rider as well as her way up the trail. In this position, Kandee will assist with strengthening the national's programs and developing ne ... Read the full article

Back Country Horsemen of America Invites Other Groups to Join Them in Saving Trails for Equestrian Use
As the United States’ foremost advocate for trail riders not only in Washington, D.C., but also across the country, Back Country Horsemen of America has worked hard to keep public trails open for horse use. They attack the issue from every possible angle, including volunteering to open and repair trails, advising public lands managers, and meeting in person with town, state, and federal decision makers. In fact, BCHA prevented the implementation ... Read the full article

Back Country Horsemen of America Supports USDA’s Public Access Program
Back Country Horsemen of America, the leading organization in saving public lands trails for equestrian use, strongly supports the United States Department of Agriculture’s new program called “Open Fields” or Voluntary Public Access and Habitat Incentive Program (VPA-HIP). An Innovative Step USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack recently announced this effort to encourage owners and operators of privately held farm, ranch, and forest lan ... Read the full article

25 Projects for Horsemen: Money-Saving, Do-It-Yourself Ideas for the Farm, Arena, and Stable
Owning a horse is one of life's great pleasures-and expenses. Here, finally, is a user-friendly and thoroughly illustrated one-stop shop of cost-saving ideas to help all horse owners (and/or their significant others) get more for their money than they ever imagined possible. 25 Projects for Horsemen is chock full of easy-to-follow, do-it-yourself projects for barn, riding arena, paddock, or pasture. Numerous photos and schematic drawings accompan ... Read the full article

Back Country Horsemen of America Chairman Travels East
Although it was founded in the west, Back Country Horsemen of America has truly become a national organization that fights for horse use on all public lands from coast to coast. It has at-large members in 47 states and has 25 member organizations, nearly half of which are based east of the Mississippi River. Concerned about the status of horse trails in the east, BCHA Chairman Mike Reedy recently visited Back Country Horseman groups in North Car ... Read the full article

Back Country Horsemen of America Represents You, Too
Many of us dream of taking our horses out on wide expanses of untouched land, but the reality is that some of us reside in urban and city areas. Depending on where you live, “back country” might be a 50 acre town recreational area or an old railroad bed. These front country lands are the only safe places some equestrians have to get their horses out of the arena and to experience a taste of traveling by horseback. Back Country Horsemen of America ... Read the full article

Back Country Horsemen of America Leads the Way in Preserving Public Lands Trails
During these tough economic times when many folks have tightened their budgets and are spending less, Back Country Horsemen of America members have been donating more of their time, effort, and resources to preserving our heritage of equine use on public lands. BCHA is proud to announce that its national volunteer value for 2009 was $7,500,000. That includes 345,700 hours of manual work; skilled labor; use of heavy equipment; hauling equipment, ... Read the full article

Back Country Horsemen of America Monitors U.S. Forest Service Trail Re-Classification
Back Country Horsemen of America, the nationwide organization that leads the fight of preserving our right to ride horses on public lands, continues to be actively involved in the U.S. Forest Service’s trail re-classification. The Power of the Individual   Back Country Horsemen of America values the dedication and hard work of its members. The national body has put the responsibility of overseeing the implementation of the new class ... Read the full article

Back Country Horsemen of America Welcomes Indiana Trail Riders Association as New Advocacy Partner
As the major advocate for public land use by all trail riders, Back Country Horsemen of America is your voice in Washington, D.C., and across the nation. In fact, BCHA prevented the implementation of flawed trail classification standards in national forests that would have severely restricted horse use. Despite their success, BCHA recognizes its need for partnerships with others. There is strength in numbers, and they know there are numerous gro ... Read the full article

Back Country Horsemen of America Welcomes Illinois Trail Riders as Advocacy Partner
Back Country Horsemen of America, the leading organization in saving public lands for equestrian use, knows there are groups of equestrians across the nation who share their vision. Accomplishing the goal of preserving our right to ride on public lands will take a unified effort of pooled resources, networking, and shared information. To that end, BCHA invites organizations to become Advocacy Partners. BCHA is pleased to announce its newest Advo ... Read the full article

CHDA Announces Topics for 2010 Horsemen’s Summit
Survey results collected earlier this year by the CHDA identified key issues of concern to Colorado’s horse industry leaders. With these results in mind, the Colorado Horse Development Authority will present a double program at the 2010 Horsemen’s Summit, to be held January 11 at 9 a.m. at the Holiday Inn Central in Denver. Dennis Dailey, Executive Director of Issues and Policy of the Back Country Horsemen of America, will present a ... Read the full article

Back Country Horsemen of America Stands Up for Issues That Affect You
Did you know that some wilderness management agencies are trying to restrict the use of horses on public lands? Or that the U.S. Forest Service is planning new trail classifications, which might limit our activities? Did you hear about the new bill that could eliminate the current fees for accessing undeveloped federal land? The outcome of these kinds of concerns can have far-reaching consequences, yet they often come and go with little public aw ... Read the full article

Texas Coastal State Parks Will Have Equestrian Use
SABINE PASS, TX, (Horseback) – At a time when equestrian trails are vanishing almost as quickly as a bag of feed, Texas Parks and Wildlife gave good news to horse owners nationwide Tuesday with the announcement it will add two new trails to its roster of destinations. The trails have been included in the master plan for re-development and building of facilities destroyed by Hurricane Ike at Galveston Island State Park and Sea Rim State Par ... Read the full article

Equestrian Land Conservation Resource Launches New Web Site
Lexington, KY.—The Equestrian Land Conservation Resource, the only national organization focused on saving land for equestrian activities, announced the launch of its newly designed web site, www.elcr.org. “The new ELCR web site is packed with information on land, trails and activities for equestrians and conservationists,” reports Georgiana Hubbard McCabe, ELCR’s President. The Equestrian Land Conservation Resource website is a “one-stop” site ... Read the full article

Preserve American History the Back Country Horsemen of America Way
One of Back Country Horsemen of America’s major purposes is to honor our nation’s equestrian heritage by using wilderness trails actively and wisely as our ancestors did. Pack horses and saddle stock were critical to the settlement and independence of the United States. A Brief History LessonIn colonial America, European traders depended on pack horses to carry their goods to Native Americans in remote wildernesses, and then to take hides and oth ... Read the full article

Equestrian Land Conservation Resource Welcomes Four New Equestrian Partners
The Equestrian Land Conservation Resource (ELCR) is pleased to welcome four new members to its Equestrian Partners program. The diversity of these organizations demonstrates that all horse enthusiasts, despite their geographic location, breed preference or preferred discipline, are engaging in the most critical issue facing horsemen across the country, saving land for horses and horse-related activity.The Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) ... Read the full article

Get Festive with Us!
Gather your friends and load up your horses for the first-ever QuarterFest: A Celebration of the American Quarter Horse. This one-of-a-kind event, May 1-3 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, will be a chance to cure your cabin fever and revel in the arrival of spring with your horse. QuarterFest is a tribute to everyone’s favorite animal – the American Quarter Horse. This year, our membership turns 68. While that may not sound like a landmark, you might ... Read the full article

Back Country Horsemen of America – From the East Coast to the West Coast
Just over 1 ½ years ago, a group of Florida equestrians, concerned that their access to the state’s public lands was diminishing at an alarming rate, founded the Florida Forever Back Country Horsemen (FFBCH) in March, 2007. The group became an affiliate of its parent group, Back County Horsemen of America (BCHA), just one month later. Said FFBCH President Truman Prevatt, “the FFBCH was formed as I suspect most BCH chapters are formed - to addre ... Read the full article

National Parks Service Awards Grant to Equestrian Land Conservation Resource
The National Parks Service Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program (NPS RTCA) has awarded the Equestrian Land Conservation Resource (ELCR) a technical assistance grant to develop a national equestrian trails organization. The terms of the grant include assigning an NPS RTCA staff person to facilitate of process, identify issues and needs of trail riders nationwide, determine an effective organizational structure to represent horse trai ... Read the full article

Back Country Horsemen of America Sets $6 Million Annual Volunteer Value Goal
Back Country Horsemen of America has always believed in the worth of hard work. Instead of saying “Someone should do something,” they’re among the first to roll up their shirtsleeves and do what needs to be done. Each year, BCHA members dedicate many hours to the hard labor of clearing and improving trails not only for equestrian use, but for everyone who enjoys the wilderness. In 2007, their total volunteer value was $5.6 million. BCHA has set i ... Read the full article




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