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Western-Saddle-Guide.com Provides Saddle Know-How to New Riders
Novice Riders turn to the Web for comprehensive and in-depth information on western saddles Dillon, Montana, November 1, 2006 – Western-Saddle-Guide.com, a comprehensive online resource for western saddles, is providing new western riders with answers to all of their saddle questions. With sections on saddle fit, saddle types, saddle parts, saddle accessories, saddle care, used saddles, and helpful "how to" tips, the Guide is a one-of-a-kind reso ... Read the full article

Top 20 Training Tips
World champion trainer Don Blazer reveals his top 20 training tips in a new free report from www.horsecoursesonline.com. “Over the years I’ve interviewed some great horse trainers, and they generously offered insights, techniques and secrets for training success,” Blazer said. “While I’ve used the tips and tricks told to me, I’ve also developed some helpful hints of my own that I hope will help others and ben ... Read the full article

Five tips to help prepare for a new horse
Perhaps you’re shopping for your children or grandchildren, or maybe you would like to start your own equine project. Whatever your reasons for buying a horse, it is important to consider all of the options to ensure the horse will meet your specific needs.However, for many people, the challenges of buying a horse don’t stop after bringing their new addition home. Here are some things to consider before the new horse steps in the trailer to come ... Read the full article

10 Tips for Caring for the Older Horse
http://www.equestrianmag.com/articles/10-tips-for-caring-for-the-older-horse_20060629.html ... Read the full article

10 Tips for Preventing Colic
articles/10-tips-for-preventing-colic_20060623.html ... Read the full article

Tips on Preparing for an Equestrian Vacation
http://www.equestrianmag.com/articles/equestrian-vacation-tips_20050412.html ... Read the full article

Western-Saddle-Guide.com Launches the Western Saddle Blog
Blog Provides a Conversational Companion to the Online Resource Dillon, Montana, March 1, 2007 – Western-Saddle-Guide.com, a comprehensive online resource for western saddles, extends its coverage with the launch of the Western Saddle Blog. The Saddle Blog, updated three to four times a week, covers a wide variety of western tack and riding subjects. Posts cover everything from serious safety issues (such as making sure your stirrups are big enou ... Read the full article

Western Saddle Guide Launches Saddle Directories
The Western Saddle Guide (www.western-saddle-guide.com) is a free Internet resource completely dedicated to the western saddle. With in-depth coverage of everything from saddle types and parts to saddle history and decoration to saddle fit and care to saddle buying tips and "how to's," the Western Saddle Guide is the most comprehensive resource on the topic available in any medium.Averaging nearly 1000 visitors per day, our readers are avid weste ... Read the full article

Lynn Palm– Palm Partnership Training™ Riding Tips Featured in Women’s Health Magazine
Ocala, FL (October 30th, 2007) -- Lynn Palm and Palm Partnership Training ™ riding tips are featured in the “Long Weekend – You Can do This” Whitefish, MT, dude ranch article in Women’s Health magazine’s October 2007 issue.Palm’s “Driving Mr. Ed” featured in Women’s Health provides riding success tips for beginning riders.“I am honored that Women’s Health chose to include riding tips in their “Long Weekend” dude ranch article to share with the m ... Read the full article

Lynn Palm Brings over 40 Years’ Experience Traveling with Horses to You
Renowned trainer and clinician Lynn Palm has been an equine professional for over 40 years and with that has come tens of thousands of miles traveling with her equine partners. In her new 4 part DVD series, Successfully Traveling with Horses, Palm captured the most important tips that she compiled over the last four decades of traveling with horses. For many horse owners the thought of loading, unloading and driving their horses is intimidating ... Read the full article

Amazing Equestrian Homes across the Country
articles/equestrian_homes_acrosst_the_country_20060628.php ... Read the full article

Circle Y Saddles and Tucker Saddlery Now Have the Shopatron Buying Experience
(Yoakum, TX)- Finding the right saddle or bridle from Circle Y Saddles or Tucker Saddlery just got easier. Shopatron offers you a way to shop across the United States for items in stock by simply placing your order at the saddle company web sites. Authorized dealers will do the rest, shipping your order from the store nearest to your home. Shopatron member stores will answer your request and will have your new saddle or other item to you fast.As ... Read the full article

Have your Horse products been tampered with?
Blue Springs MO — As a horse owner you should be able to have assurance that the products you are buying for your horses are safe and have not been tampered with. Tamper-evident design is perhaps most visible in the area of product packaging, where it can be vital to know that the product has not been altered since it left the manufacturer.Cans of baby-food were among the first high-profile tamper cases, where manufacturers were blackmailed by pe ... Read the full article

The Barn Next Door: Buying vs. Renting
http://equestrianmag.com/articles/renting-vs-buying_20050716.html ... Read the full article

Julie Goodnight's Tips of the Month for November and December!
PONCHA SPRINGS, Colo. November/December 2010— Have you ever had an ad drop out at the last moment—or a space that didn’t sell before printing deadline? Julie Goodnight—known for her “classic skills for a natural ride” clinics, her clear communication in print, and her RFD-TV show, Horse Master with Julie Goodnight—provides a tip each month for use when you need just a little more content. Tips may be edit ... Read the full article

The First Few Days
articles/first_few_days_20060203.htm ... Read the full article

Lesley Ward Named Editor-in-Chief of Bowtie Inc.’s Equine Magazine Group
FOUNDER OF POPULAR KIDS’ RIDING MAGAZINE TO MANAGE HORSE TITLES AT AMERICA’S PREMIER PET PUBLISHERIRVINE, CA, December 10, 2007 – BowTie, Inc., the world’s premier pet publisher, is proud to announce the promotion of Young Rider Editor Lesley Ward to the position of Editor-in-Chief of its equine magazine group. In addition to her regular duties with Young Rider, she will take over a managerial role on Horse Illustrated and Horses USA. “I am very ... Read the full article

High Horse Saddles Brand New For 2008
YOAKUM, TX (January 30, 2008) American value with American craftsmanship -the new High Horse® Saddles brand combines both in quality saddles and tack. Made by Circle Y Saddles in Yoakum, TX, High Horse® saddles are crafted by the same great folks at Circle Y. Without sacrificing quality, the new High Horse® saddle brand offers horse owners a value priced choice in saddle buying. High Horse® saddles are available in the most popular western discip ... Read the full article

Reduce Your Carbon Hoofprint with EcoLicious Equestrian
The countdown to Earth Day is on and EcoLicious Equestrian encourages horse owners and equestrians to commit to simple changes that will help pro tect our environment for generations to come. “Taking daily eco-conscious decisions in your personal life as well as your barn life can make an important difference in reducing our carbon foot and hoof prints,” says Petra Z. McGowan, the founder and president of EcoLicious Equestrian Inc. & ... Read the full article

Enjoy these smart, Earth-friendly tips at home or on the farm
Here are some Earth-friendly tips from STEP. * Organics: Sold as animal feed, alfalfa pellets are rich in nitrogen and make excellent organic plant food. You can dig the pellets into the soil or add them to a compost pile. * Composting: Composting is beneficial, because it binds water and nutrients in reserve, freeing them when plants need it the most. It holds double its weight in water, hence cutting back the need to water and increasing a pl ... Read the full article




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