Best Farrier Tools (The Ultimate Farrier Tool List)

best farrier tools

Due to the wide range of farrier tools available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which are the best farrier tools to use, and, more importantly, which of these particular tools to purchase.

If you use the wrong or poor quality farrier tools in the incorrect way, you run the risk of not only injuring the horse you’re working on but yourself in the process too.

In this article, we’ll take a look at all the most essential farrier tools, their uses, as well as identify the best of these products available to farriers today.

Essential Farrier Tools

Hoof Pick

hoof pick

This is generally the very first tool that is used by the farrier. This farrier tool is used to clean the feet of the horse before starting with the processes of trimming and fitting the shoes.

The [amazon link=”B083LYDLPF” title=”Both Winners Horse Hoof Pick Brush”] is definitely the option we would recommend here. 

This multipurpose pick not only has a hook for removing stubborn rubble from under the hoof but also has a brush for cleaning away finer dust, mud, or dirt.

It also has a hook that is reinforced with steel for extra strength and durability and a rubberized grip allowing for comfortable use even in cold and wet conditions. 

Farrier’s Rasp

farriers rasp

This farrier tool is a multipurpose tool used by all farriers that is effectively a nail file for horses. It allows the farrier to keep the hoof even and level by filling off any excess or overhanging hoof to round off the shape of the hoof.

The [amazon link=”B002BWA7S0″ title=”Diamond Farrier HR14N 14″ Rasp”] is a highly versatile rasp. It has sharp rasp teeth on one side of the tang and file teeth on the anterior side. 

This versatility is furthered by the fact that the tang fits into a variety of handles that can be interchanged depending on necessity. This rasp’s durable steel construction further ensures a long lifetime.

Farrier’s Knife

farriers knife

This specialized type of knife is used to remove any extra sole and dead frog in the foot of the horse to allow the healthy hoof tissue to breathe. These knives are dangerously sharp and could cause serious harm to you or your horse if used incorrectly.

The Gransun Curved Hoof Knife is among the best on the market. Due to its curved blade design, it can be used in multiple directions by both right-handed and left-handed users, thus improving work efficiency. 

It has a handle crafted of composite wood that is not only comfortable in one’s grip but is also strong and wear-resistant allowing for not only comfortable use but also extended periods of use.

Hoof Tester

hoof tester

This farrier tool is used to examine the hooves of horses. It applies pressure to the fine areas of the hoof to specifically locate the areas causing the horse pain.

Farriers ordinarily use this tool in search of a possible abscess or as part of a standardized lameness test.

The [amazon link=”B07YVKDXWT” title=”ProRider USA 13″ Horse Care Farrier Tool”] is of the highest quality. It is handcrafted from stainless, tempered high-grade carbon steel, ensuring both the performance and endurance required of a hoof tester. 

It has a sturdy design that allows you to get a strong grip on the hoof during the testing process to obtain more accurate results.

Hoof Nippers

hoof nippers

These nippers are used to remove any part of the hoof that is overgrown as well as to trim the frog of the hoof. They also bevel the edge of the hoof which ultimately reduces the need for rasping.

The [amazon link=”B00002N7PJ” title=”Diamond 14D 14-Inch Hoof Nipper with Plastic Grips”] is an excellent choice due to its high durability. Not only are these nippers forged from high-quality steel, but the jaws have also been heat-treated for additional strength. 

The handles of these nippers have also been covered in a plastic coating. This provides for increased overall comfort and grip during use.

Hoof Gauge

hoof gauge

This is a relatively new farrier tool that is used to measure and check the balance of a hoof. Some farriers prefer to rely on their own knowledge and expertise to make these measurements, but this farrier tool definitely gives more precise and less subjective measurements than the naked eye.

Using the [amazon link=”B00D46OY3Q” title=”Horze Brass Hoof Gauge”] is not only the best but also the most inexpensive way to do these necessary hoof measurements. 

It has a brass finish and heavy-duty construction. This ultimately enhances the durability and strength of this tool. In our opinion, these traits are truly unmatched by any other hoof gauge on the market.

Shoe Pullers

shoe pullers

This farrier tool is larger than a hoof nipper. It is used to pull off horseshoes without damaging the hoof in instances where the clinches are still attached.

Shoe pullers are ordinarily used after the farrier has used a clinching block to unclinch the nails embedded in the hoof.

We recommend the [amazon link=”B06XTG2LPT” title=”Equinez Tools Horse 14” Shoe Puller/Spreader”] due to its high durability. This durability can be attributed to the fact that they are made of stainless steel, making them rust-resistant. 

These pullers are of the highest quality as they are handcrafted from high-quality, high-grade steel. 

Nail Clincher

nail clincher

Resembling hoof nippers, this farrier tool is used to fold over (clinch) the nails hammered into the shoe to secure the shoe and prevent it from falling off the hoof. Clinching is generally one of the final steps in the process of shoeing a horse.

The [amazon link=”B01N9C43U8″ title=”Tackmaster USA 12″ Hoof Nail Clincher”] is widely regarded to be amongst the best of these farrier tools. Not only are the jaws extremely sharp for easy and precise use, but it is also drop-forged from chrome vanadium steel allowing for additional strength and durability. 

Clinching Block

clinching block

This small piece of metal has an angled edge and is placed underneath the trimmed nails before they are clinched. The farrier will place the clinching block against the nail clinch whilst setting the head of the nail into the shoe.

Another function of this farrier tool is to unclinch a nail prior to setting a shoe.

The [amazon link=”B00004YYEK” title=”Diamond Farrier CB4 4″ Clincher Block”] is our clincher block of choice. This sturdy solid steel block has a long and ergonomic design that makes use both easy and effective.



This farrier tool is very commonly used. It serves as a work surface upon which farriers mold and bend horseshoes into the correct shape and style required for a specific horse. 

Anvils are further used to flatten a shoe so that it is completely flat. If a shoe is not completely flat, the risk of the shoe pulling off and causing the horse pain is drastically increased.

Due to the fact that anvils are notoriously heavy, we would recommend starting out with a portable anvil such as the [amazon link=”B075YSCQ4Q” title=”Happybuy Single Horn Anvil 66Lbs Cast Steel Anvil”] before purchasing a heavier shop anvil.

This anvil has an extended lifetime due to the fact that it has been dipped in protective paint. Apart from the fact that it is so light and portable, it is also perfect for molding and shaping due to its long-horned design.

Nailing/Driving Hammer 

driving hammer

This small hammer is used by farriers to drive nails through the hoof so as to hold the shoe in place. 

The head of the hammer has two sides. It has a blunt side used to hammer in nails, and a side with two protruding claws used to bend off nails that protrude from the other side of the hoof once nailed through.

The [amazon link=”B089S932DZ” title=”Spec Ops Tools 20 oz Nailing Hammer”] is by far the best and most high-tech hammer on the market today. Its head is 25% lighter than that of most other hammers which allow for a precise and controlled swing, and it is ballistically balanced allowing for maximum swing power with each swing. 

It has a shock-absorbing MOA grip which protects your hand from all the power this hammer allows with each blow and allows for use in both cold and wet conditions. 

Hoof Stand 

hoof stand

This farrier tool comes into play during the final step of nailing the shoe to the hoof. It serves as a car jack of sorts, lifting the injured leg of the horse, saving you from the burden of doing so yourself.

That being said, not all farriers need to use these stands as most are trained in the traditional farrier art of supporting the hoof against one’s body during this process.

The [amazon link=”B013X7WJ6O” title=”HOOF-IT Hoof Stand”] is the hoof stand that we recommend. It is made from a lightweight and extremely durable high-tech composite which makes it extremely strong and durable. 

In addition to this, its post is adjustable which makes it simple and effective to use with no hassle at all.


Not all farrier tools are essential. There are only a select few of all the tools available that are necessary for daily use.

With the use of our list of high-quality products, you should be able to maintain the health of your horse’s hooves with both ease and effectiveness. 

If you are not a farrier yourself, we recommend contacting your local professional farrier to help maintain your horse’s hooves on a regular basis. 

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