Best Girth For Horse Comfort (Buyer's Guide)

Best Girth for Horse Comfort

Finding the best girth for horse comfort should be a priority in your search for quality tack. A well-designed girth must not only keep the saddle securely in place but also sit well on your horse without chafing and pinching.  

We’ve already done the research on 6 of the most comfortable English girths and Western Cinch’s to make it easier for you to pick the right product. 

These girths offer a comfy fit and allow uninterrupted movement for the best performance from your equestrian teammate.

Top 6 Girths Made For Your Horses Comfort

OVSELLERIE Unisex-Adult Airform Chafeless Girth (Best Overall English Girth)

OVSELLERIE Unisex's 402013 Horse-Riding-Gloves, Brown, 34
  • Cushioned and textured for air flow. Features elastic at both ends.
  • Stays incredibly soft no matter how much use it gets.
  • It can be sponged clean in seconds
  • Made with stainless steel roller buckles to extend the use of the girth straps and your hands.
  • Keeps hold the dressage girth neatly in place.

A great girth that can be used for training, showing, and long outrides. The girth is soft against your horse’s skin and has extra padding for comfort. 

The synthetic materials last a long time without showing any wear and tear. When it comes to value, this is our top choice for an English girth.

The girth is stiff at first and a little tight but, after a few rides, you will find it much easier to cinch.  Some customers experience issues with sizing. However, we recommend buying your regular size as the elastic on one end will stretch to get a good fit.

The stainless steel roller buckles are rather narrow so be sure to measure the girth straps on your saddle before buying. Available in brown or black to match your trail or jumping saddle.


  • Does not rub
  • Fits true to size
  • Value for money
  • Easy to clean


  • No breast clip
  • Narrow buckles

INTREPID INTERNATIONAL Fleece English Girth with Double Elastic (Best Fleece Girth)

Intrepid International English Girth with Fleece - Breathable Lightweight Horse Girth for English Saddle, Double Elastic Easy Attachment, Brown with White Fleece, 52"
  • Comfortable Girths for Horses: One of the most comfortable English girths for horses. Its fleece lining provides soothing comfort, reducing the risk of chafing and girth galls. Perfect for daily use.
  • Quality Materials: This girth for horses English style, is made with layers of nylon over heavy fleece and durable stainless steel buckles for long-lasting use.
  • Double Elastic: The double elastic design ensures easy attachment and a secure fit, making this girth for horses a practical choice. The elastic girth minimizes tension and allows for better movement.
  • Durable: This saddle girth offers durability without compromising its light weight. It's an easy attachment saddle girth that will withstand daily use while providing comfort for your horse.
  • Lightweight and Breathable: Our English horse girth is lightweight and breathable, providing comfort without the added weight. This girth is ideal for long rides, training, or competitions.

A good quality nylon girth with a fluffy fleece cover that protects your horse from chaffing. The lining is ideal if your horse has allergies to synthetic fabrics. 

The fleece lining is also great if your horse is ‘girthy’ or sensitive to pinching which is more common with a leather girth. 

There is elastic on both ends that are quite stiff when new but will stretch a bit with use. It’s good to note that there are D-rings so you are able to attach a martingale. One of our only issues with this girth is that the fleece lining cannot detach to wash separately. 


  • Attaches to martingale
  • Stainless steel girth buckles
  • Soft and flexible
  • Does not rub


  • Gets dirty easily
  • The fleece cover is not removable

OVERSELLERIE Ovation Airform Chafeles Dressage Girth (Best Dressage Girth)

Ovation OVSELLERIE Airform Dressage Girth, Size: 26 (402014BLK-26)
  • Cushioned and textured for air flow. Features elastic at both ends.
  • Stays incredibly soft no matter how much use it gets.
  • It can be sponged clean in seconds
  • Made with stainless steel roller buckles to extend the use of the girth straps and your hands.
  • Keeps hold the dressage girth neatly in place.

One of the best value dressage girths on the market. One-inch wide stainless steel roller buckles with thick elastic on both ends make girthing up easy. 

This dressage girth does not slip and has a soft feel against your horse’s skin, even after multiple washes. It is easy to spray off with a hose.

We love the thoughtful inclusion of pockets to tuck loose billet straps out of the way. The short girth also fits well on ponies and when riding with treeless saddles. 

The only downside to this girth is that the synthetic material does not absorb sweat very well. 


  • Soft to touch and non-slip
  • Stainless steel girth buckles 
  • Long-lasting
  • Quality for price


  • Retains heat in summer
  • Very thin padding

Weaver Leather Felt Lined Smart Cinch with Roll Snug Cinch Buckle (Best Overall Western Cinch) 

Weaver Leather Felt Lined Smart Cinch with Roll Snug Cinch Buckle
  • Nylon with felt lining is comfortable on the horse
  • Nylon off-billet holder
  • Rust-proof stainless steel buckle and dees

This product by Weaver Leather is our pick as the best western girth for your horse, available in straight and roper styles. This cinch is nylon with a felt backing that keeps the girth from sliding around. As with the traditional leather girths, there are D-rings to attach your breastplate.

What sets this product aside from other girths is the patented Roll Snug Cinch Buckle. This double roller buckle means even children can easily tighten the girth. Plus it gives you more leverage and control to prevent an overly tight girth. 

The buckles are unfortunately nickel plated so do rust over time with sweat and water. The rust only affects the aesthetics and you are likely to be using this extremely durable cinch it for a good few years.


  • Easy to cinch double roller buckles
  • Non-slip and comfortable
  • Good quality for the price
  • Cleans easily


  • Nickel-plated buckles rust
  • Burs, twigs etc. stick easily to the felt

Total Saddle Fit- Shoulder Relief Cinch- Western Cinch  (Best for Gaited Horses)

Total Saddle Fit - Shoulder Relief Cinch - Western Cinch (Black, 30" w/ Black Neoprene)
  • Elbow Comfort - Cutaways in the cinch move it away from the horse's elbow for additional comfort.
  • Removable Liner - A thick 7mm neoprene liner (also available in fleece for extra $30 - see drop down menu) attaches with velcro for easy cleaning and interchangeability. Neoprene is standard.
  • Top Grade Leather - Made of ultra-durable high-end saddlery leather.
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

This product has a clever design that keeps the saddle off the shoulders and allows for free movement. The shape of the leather girth is cut away from your horse’s elbows to prevent chafing, perfect for gaited horses. 

We like that the western cinch is nice and wide, it keeps the saddle snugly in place without having to be too tight. The leather girth comes with a 7mm neoprene girth sleeve. You can get 100%  fleece sleeves and wool felt sleeves for an additional cost. 

We recommend paying extra for the felt or wool covers which have better moisture-wicking properties. Also, sensitive-skinned horses may develop a bad reaction to neoprene. 


  • High-grade leather girth
  • Well made 
  • Keeps saddle off of horse’s shoulders
  • Sleeve detaches for washing


  • Thin  padding on the sleeves
  • Expensive price

Classic Equine Alpaca Mohair Roper Cinch (Best Mohair Cinch) 

Classic Equine Mohair-Alpaca Roper Cinch 27-Strand, 30-inch
  • Available Sizes 26 28 30 32 34 36
  • Unique color pattern with a vintage western style and design
  • 100% pure blend of mohair and alpaca fibers for long lasting softness and comfort
  • Naturally strong and durable, yet gives to encourage flexion and movement
  • Made with stainless steel hardware and one roller buckle for easy cinching

This is a beautiful cinch in a classic western style. It is made of soft natural fibers that are gentle against your horse’s girth area. The 27 strands of natural alpaca and mohair fibers are flexible and conform nicely to different horses’ shapes. The individual strands allow airflow and prevent sweat build-up.

Quality stainless steel roller-design buckles give leverage when cinching up. The cinch narrows at the ends to prevent rubbing beneath the elbows. There are steel D-ring connections backed by a leather patch to prevent them from rubbing against the skin

As the fiber strands stretch a little with the first few uses, we recommend going down a girth size.


  • 100% Natural Fibres
  • Absorbs sweat 
  • Excellent quality materials
  • Comfortable and soft


  • Leather can start to curl
  • Girth stretches with initial use

How To Choose A Comfortable Girth For Your Horse (A Buyer’s Guide)

The right girth will depend on your horse’s girth size, movement, saddle type, and skin sensitivities.  The following are factors you should consider when shopping for a comfortable girth.

Style and Shape

Western Cinch vs English Girth

horse girth

A Western-style girth referred to as a ‘cinch’ usually has a single large half-moon buckle on each end. An English girth has two buckles on each end to attach to straps below the saddle flaps.

Long Girth vs Short Girth

The length of your girth will depend on your horse’s shape and the length of the billets on your saddle. Dressage girths are shorter as the billets on the dressage saddle are extra long. For a regular English saddle, you will usually ride with a long girth.

Straight Cinch vs Roper Cinch

girth guide

A straight cinch has an even width down the length. This type of girth is easy to keep centered and good for heavier set horses

A roper cinch is wider in the center and narrows towards the ends. This girth is more flexible and distributes pressure over the sternum when a cow is attached to the horn of the saddle.



A classic look that matches well with your saddle. A leather girth gets softer with use and requires regular treatment. Usually, these have elastic on one or both of the ends. Leather girths do tend to be more expensive as well as slide around more than synthetic girths.


This synthetic material is usually more affordable and the girth can be thrown in the wash or easily scrubbed down. This type of girth often has a contoured shape with elasticated ends so it fits comfortably on your horse. 

Be careful before buying a neoprene girth as some horses are allergic. The fabric may cause a reaction as it rubs against their skin. Neoprene also retains a lot of heat as it does not allow good airflow.

Wool Felt and Fleece Covers

horse girths

Genuine wool-felt and fleece are good wicking agents for sweat. This helps your horse stay cool under the girth. You can often purchase fleece or wool covers separately for a leather girth. These extra layers of padding prevent pinching when you cinch the girth.

The natural materials need gentle hand washing to prevent any shrinkage.

String Girths

Made of cotton, wool, or mohair threads. These avoid creating pressure points and can change shape to fit each unique body shape. The individual strands allow good airflow. Mohair and cotton are also good for absorbing sweat.

The negative to these products is that sometimes the individual strands, particularly of nylon string girths, can pinch the horse’s stomach.

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