7 Best Horse Boots For Trail Riding (A Buyer's Guide)

Best Horse Boots For Trail Riding

Some people use hoof boots instead of nail-on shoes as they provide better support and traction on tar and offroad trails. 

So what are the best horse boots for trail riding? We went in search of a boot that helps your horse travel in comfort over all types of terrain.

Most trail riding boots for horses offer extra durability, stability, and a snug fit. Hoof boots can be a solution for helping your horse cope with hoof sensitivity. 

Here we review 7 of the best trail riding horse boots on the market.

Our Top 6 Horse Boots For Trail Riding  

Cavallo Trek Regular Sole Hoof Boot (Best Overall) 

[amazon box=”B00J8J0FOU”]

These [amazon link=”B00J8J0FOU” title=”Cavallo Trek Regular Sole Hoof Boots”] are sold in pairs and are available in slim and regular sole sizes. They are lightweight and specially designed for all-terrain trail riding. 

The thick rubber sole gives a good grip on tar and gravel for a barefoot horse. These boots fit snug to the horse’s hoof and rarely come off on a ride.

Tread pattern supports the hoof wall and there is hardly any build-up of mud and debris. These horse boots have breathable mesh uppers that drain well when going through water. Built-in padding at the back of the sole helps to take pressure off the frog.

It is easy to use the velcro straps and a pull-tag helps you pull these horse hoof boots on and take them off. The front velcro straps are good quality and each pair of hoof boots comes with a spare strap.


  • Built-in shock absorption
  • Long-lasting
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Stay on in mud and water


  • The metal parts can get bent
  • More expensive

Cavallo Sport Regular Sole Hoof Boot (Best For Horse Comfort) 

[amazon box=”B00RZJA9AK”]

Waterproof and rustproof materials with good breathability make the [amazon link=”B00RZJA9AK” title=”Cavallo Sport Regular Sole Hoof Boot”] good hoof boots for trail riding in wet conditions. 

The heel has a smart design that acts as a natural brake.  These boots are a great option to promote natural movement or if your horse’s hooves are very sensitive.

These hoof boots are comfortable and provide great support to the unshod hoof. The inner rim is raised, designed to take the pressure off the frog and hoof bars. There is an inbuilt back flap to prevent rubbing. The padding provides shock absorption so you shouldn’t need any inserts. 

The addition of a clasp adds extra security to the industrial-grade velcro fastening. We like the padded leather collar of the boot that is soft and doesn’t rub against the skin. 

The reflective piping adds a bit more safety when riding near the roadside. These boots are sold in pairs.


  • Waterproof and Rustproof
  • Shock absorbing
  • Allows natural movement
  • Designed to prevent abrasion


  • Not for extreme terrain
  • Inner parts wear fairly quickly

Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot For Horses (Best For Low Mileage Trail Riding) 

[amazon box=”B003LVOQU0″]

The [amazon link=”B003LVOQU0″ title=”Cavallo simple boot”] is a great option for occasional or low-mileage trail riding. 

These hoof boots provide support and hoof protection if your horse is recovering from an injury or suffers from chronic pain and hoof tenderness.  

The leather upper is flexible and requires good care to avoid stretching over time. These horse hoof shoes will need to be broken in to avoid bruising and chaffing. 

They are sold in pairs and work out to be more economical than getting your horse regularly shod.

The leather is not very breathable but the drainage holes at the base help with the airflow. Burs and debris can get into these bottom openings and also in the velcro. Be sure to clean well after each use.


  • Simple velcro straps with plastic holders
  • Can leave on in the paddock
  • Easy fix for a thrown shoe
  • Cost-effective


  • The leather stretches
  • No padding

EasyCare Easyboot Epic Hoof Boot (Best For Endurance)

[amazon box=”B000B6AR6A”]

The [amazon link=”B000B6AR6A” title=”EasyCare Easyboot Epic Hoof boot”] is the best horse boot for trail riding on more extreme terrain and for endurance rides over long distances. 

The hoof boots are highly durable and are perfect for water crossings, steep slopes, muddy and snowy conditions.

The steel cable buckle is tricky to fit at first as the wires are quite tight. You will need a screwdriver or hoof pick to adjust them. 

However, once fitted, these horse boots stay on as well as nailed shoes. Good for horses that you struggle to keep booted. 

In addition to the buckle system, a reinforced gaiter at the front seals the boot from pieces of debris getting in and irritating the horse’s hooves. This double adjustment system keeps the boots on snugly.

The hoof boots are excellent for trail riding but should be removed after your ride. The metal parts can get caught or cause injury to your horse’s legs if left on in the stable or the field. 


  • Provides traction
  • Stay on over any terrain
  • Replaceable parts
  • Long-lasting


  • More difficult to adjust
  • Not for turnout

EasyCare Easyboot Trail ORIGINAL Hoof Boot (Best Value)

[amazon box=”B004ZQ5AGO”]

These [amazon link=”B004ZQ5AGO” title=”EasyCare Easyboot Trail ORIGINAL Hoof Boots”] are sold individually and are super easy to put on or take off. They have a rear double velcro attachment. 

This loosens the whole boot to easily slide over most shaped hooves. Inner grips keep the boot snugly in place while protecting the entire hoof wall.

These are perfect to protect horses’ hooves if they get sore-footed on gravel and stones. These hoof boots have a durable polyurethane sole that provides grip on smooth surfaces like asphalt.

These are entry-level hoof boots that are great for low-medium mileage rides. Horses get used to them very quickly. Some customers experience issues finding the correct size, contact the manufacturer if you are unsure. 

The only improvement we would like to see on these boots is in the velcro straps. These straps could do with some extra length and do not hold up so well in mud. Overall, the boot is well made for its price. 


  • Easy to use
  • Stay on without slipping
  • Good traction
  • Value for money 


  • Sizing issues
  • Strap wears quickly

EasyCare New Back Country Hoof Boot (Best For Adjustability)

[amazon box=”B01GG25CYY”]

The [amazon link=”B01GG25CYY” title=”EasyCare New Back Country Hoof Boot”] is a great boot if you trail ride 25-50 miles a week. We like the cup gaiter at the back of the boot that gives a layer of extra cushioning for soft tissue. 

This thick padding secures the boot firmly in place without leaving any gaps for debris to enter. 

The boot has a removable and reversible back strap. You can attach the strap as a modification for an extra secure fit. This works well if you are going to be riding in mud or water. 

You are also able to change the sides of the pull rings so they face the correct direction on the right or left hooves.

The tough rubber front protects the hoof from chipping. The tradeoff when using rubber is that it is not a breathable material. Sweat builds up inside the boot in warm weather which is not good for healthy hooves.


  • Comfort cup gaiter
  • Replaceable parts
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Adjustable 


  • Need breaking in
  • Poor airflow

EasyCare Easyboot NEW Trail Hoof Boot (Best for Longer Trail Rides)

[amazon box=”B0119PUB58″]

One of EasyCare’s more recent additions to their horse boot collection, the updated version of the [amazon link=”B0119PUB58″ title=”EasyCare Easyboot NEW Trail Hoof Boot”]. As with its predecessor, the New Trail boot opens right up making it easy to put on. 

The major changes to this newer model are:

  • Longer, reversible straps that you can replace if they break
  • A larger front shield to protect more of the hoof wall 
  • The boot has a second layer of cushioning on the collar for comfort and a secure fit

All the additions have created a good but comparatively heavy and noisy boot. Customers find sizing to be difficult for these boots. It may be best to send your hoof measurements to the manufacturer for guidance.

When you get the right fit, these boots are durable and provide exceptionally good traction across all terrain types and over long distances.


  • Good for long-distance
  • Fits most hoof shapes
  • Adjustable 
  • Replaceable straps


  • Quite bulky
  • Velcro does not last long

Choosing The Best Horse Boots for Trail Riding (Buyer’s Guide)

trail riding


This is the most important aspect when buying boots for horses. You are 100 times more likely to experience issues like slipping, rubbing, and coming off if the boot does not fit properly.

Manufacturers have created informative sizing charts and informational videos on their products to help you select the correct size. If you are still unsure then you can contact the company directly for advice.

Hoof boots are usually available in ‘thin’ and ‘regular’ soles. Generally,  the thin sole fits narrow hoof shapes while the regular sole has equal length and width for rounder hooves. 

Make sure that the boots you buy are suitable for front or hind feet. It is worth considering having your horse professionally fitted.


Thickness and tread pattern are the main considerations when comparing the soles of horse boots.

Thicker soles provide more cushioning for sensitive hooves and will give you more wear on rough ground. Thinner soles are more lightweight and can be better if your horse isn’t used to wearing boots. 

Tread pattern for rough terrain should have maximum grip. Think of the tread you find on serious hiking boots. If most of your trails are on gravel or tar, a more standard tread that provides traction will suffice.


You need to consider the durability and breathability of materials. 

Rubber and hard plastic are highly durable but do not allow air movement. These can also add weight to the product. 

Nylon mesh materials have good breathability for hot summer days. These materials also allow water to drain out of the boot after river crossings. Breathable materials are more prone to damage.


Velcro straps are easy to use and are suitable for people with arthritis in their hands. A negative with velcro is that all sorts of debris and hair stick to it. Velcro eventually wears down and needs to be replaced.

Metal clasps and buckles are trickier to use but have a longer life expectancy than velcro. If the boot clasps or tightening mechanisms are made of metal, check that they are rustproof. 

Your horse should not wear boots with metal parts during turnout as they can get caught or cause injury to the horse wearing them or others around it.

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