6 Best Horse Riding Gloves (A Buyer’s Guide)

Best Horse Riding Gloves

Any rider can testify to the power of a great pair of horse riding gloves. Wearing riding gloves while riding your horse is essential to protect your hands. 

The special designs that are available also improve your grip and riding ability. When riding a horse that pulls, having nicely padded gloves is a lifesaver. 

With so many different gloves on the market, it can be challenging to know which riding gloves will be best suited to your hand, your style of riding, and your pocket. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with the best horse riding gloves for your specific needs. 

Not all gloves are the same. Some gloves are soft and more showy, while others are padded and made to do manual work around the yard. Other gloves are specially designed to be elastic, flexible, and breathable for delicate rein work. 

Here are our top six gloves according to the category of use. 

Top 6 Horse Riding Gloves (Our Reviews)

Mashfa Ladies Women Horse Riding Gloves (Best Overall)

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The best overall gloves for horse riding have to really perform, and the Mashfa Ladies Women Horse Riding Gloves tick all the boxes that any horse riding lady would want. These riding gloves are rated as some of the best riding gloves on the market. And they’re available at an affordable budget too. 

Ensure a great fit with the elastic wrist and wear these gloves all seasons from winter to summer due to the breathable fabric outer in stylish Foreway fabric.


  • Excellent grip
  • Tactile quality in the reinforced fingers
  • Palm made from hi-tech Ammara fabric
  • Machine washable


  • The gloves can be hot when riding in hot weather 
  • Ideal for cold climates

Heritage Performance Gloves (Most Comfortable Synthetic Leather Gloves)

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In the class of synthetic leather gloves, the Heritage Performance Gloves are ideal for sturdy gloves design, keeping hands warm, and providing as much grip as the rider needs. When riding with heritage performance gloves, the rider will enjoy the best that synthetic leather has to offer. 

The patented rein cut design with elastic wrist closure and velcro straps are ideal for developing riding finesse. Spandura fabric creates an elastic but snug fit.

These gloves protect the hand, fingers, and palms from rope burn, chafing, and even the occasional horse bite. 


  • Available in 10 size options and 10 color options
  • Outward seams are double stitched for extra strength
  • Ideal gloves for wearing in warm weather
  • Can be hand washed


  • Regular use could see edges unraveling, especially if gloves fit too tightly
  • The synthetic material can cause sweating 

eGLOVE eQUEST GripPro Leather Touchscreen Horse Riding Gloves (Most Comfortable Genuine Leather Gloves)

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While leather has traditionally been used as the material for riding gloves, the cut and fit used to be a problem, especially for women who have shorter fingers. Worry no more with the eGLOVE eQUEST GripPro Leather Touchscreen Horse Riding Gloves. These sturdy riding gloves offer a good grip, special tailoring around the index finger, and much more.

The unique panel design pads the areas of the hand where most rubbing occurs. Ventilation punched holes on the fingers and hands help aerate the gloves for a cool ride in warm weather. You can easily keep track of your riding on your mobile device with the touchscreen compatible thumb and forefinger surfaces. 

These real leather gloves are quite a snug fit, but it’s best not to buy one size up as the leather will stretch and fit comfortably. However, there are sizes from XXS to XXL to choose from and 14 colors to choose from, making selecting your next pair of gloves much easier.


  • Adjustable velcro closure on wrists
  • For a wider palm, choose a bigger size
  • The right gloves for eventing, schooling, trail riding, and casual riding
  • Cleans the same way as cleaning a leather saddle


  • Leather is dyed, which can cause stain transfer
  • Not available in white for classical showing
  • Not correctly sized for men’s hands, which are wider with longer fingers

TuffRider Fleece Back Smart Riding Gloves (Best For Winter)

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Winter can be tough on rider hands, but with the TuffRider Fleece Back Smart Riding Gloves you’re covered. These fleece backed riding gloves are ideal for colder weather conditions. 

Unlike most glove types, these gloves tend to be a size bigger, so accurate measuring is required and you may need to order half a size smaller. With only three sizes available, this can be an issue. 

Keep track of your riding progress or schooling program in the dead of winter with the thumb and index finger touch screen compatible sections on the TuffRider gloves. Despite being made from faux leather, these gloves are durable and hard working. 


  • Great grip with the synthetic palm and finger texture
  • Available in three sizes
  • Elastic wrist closure
  • Hook and loop wrist closure


  • Limited size options makes finding an ideal fit difficult
  • The synthetic grip may flake off with repeated use

FARRIS Flexgrip Horse Riding Gloves for Women and Men (Best Gloves For English Competition)

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In English competition, more specifically dressage and eventing, a high quality reinforced glove with superior flexibility is required. The FARRIS Flexgrip Horse Riding Gloves for Women and Men is an ideal competition and training glove that features a perfect grip and with the mesh uppers, they are suitable for longer wear periods. 

As with the gloves that use universal sizing, you may need to measure your hands carefully to ensure a good fit. Choose from four sizes, and enjoy the four-way stretch technology that makes for a really comfortable fit. 


  • Gloves offer a full range of motion for upper-level rein control
  • Reinforced finger areas for better grip and durability
  • Made from equileather and mesh fabric
  • Breathable and offers the great feel of the rein contact


  • Mesh uppers may hook with rough use
  • Limited sizes may make finding the perfect fit difficult

Mustang EQ Ladies Horse Riding Women’s Gloves (Best Gloves For Western Competition)

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The Mustang EQ Ladies Horse Riding Women’s Gloves are ideal for Western pleasure and show riding. With a classic look in brown genuine leather, these gloves are as comfortable as they are functional. 

Available in four sizes from small to extra large with reinforced pressure points on the fingers. These gloves offer lasting quality and sensible contact with the reins. With the great brown color, you’ve got the last magic touch to your Western riding outfit. 


  • Excellent grip with leather reinforced fingers
  • Comfortable pair of gloves suited to Western riding or daily riding
  • Velcro wrist closure
  • Breathable cotton waffle cloth backing


  • Waffle cotton may pick up debris and hair
  • Cleaning both leather and cotton in one glove can be tricky

Horse Riding Gloves Buyer’s Guide


Gloves need to be comfortable to wear or the rider will end up not wearing them. Riding gloves should also deliver on their promise. Waterproof gloves need to deliver on their promise and breathable gloves shouldn’t smother your hands. Winter gloves will benefit from a fleece lining, while summer gloves will definitely be more comfortable with a breathable fabric or mesh panels. 

Moisture-wicking gloves are designed to keep your hands dry when riding, and these make great summer gloves. Your show gloves should perhaps be the most comfortable pair of gloves you own as this is when your skill as a rider will be put to the test. 

A good pair of riding gloves need to offer a snug fit so they can act as a second skin. What special features you want as part of your next pair of riding gloves will depend on personal preference.

Breathability And Other Features

Horse riding gloves often do more than just cover the rider’s hands. A great pair of gloves will offer any number of features from being breathable and having superior grip to being touchscreen compatible. Breathability is essential with horse riding gloves, as including a breathable mesh is essential to keep the rider’s hands cool. 

Lightweight gloves are ideal for riding in warmer weather, while the padding is ideal for winter gloves. Seasonal gloves may be divided into winter riding gloves and summer riding gloves. When riding often, you will be wearing gloves throughout the year, so investing in appropriate summer gloves and a different pair of gloves for winter is a smart move.  


The expression to fit like a glove has real merit. If a glove doesn’t fit snugly, it can chafe you and lead to blisters. Additionally, a loose-fitting glove can lead to accidents. You may drop your reins or equipment because of a glove that shifted or pulled off your hand. 

A tight-fitting glove is also not a great idea. Pressure on your knuckles, wrists, and ligaments can lead to serious medical complications. Finding the balance between a tight and a loose horse riding glove is challenging, but possible. 

Measure your hand as per the manufacturer’s guide to the nearest half-inch when ordering online, and if you have large and fleshy hands, you may need to add a size or half a size for comfort. 

The best method to ensure a great fit is to actually fit the gloves. Fitting equestrian riding gloves at your local retailer or farm store is a good way to ensure the gloves actually fit your hand in all positions. 


Your next pair of horse riding gloves need to stand up to the elements, wear and tear, and be fully machine washable too. Since your hands will be touching the horse and you may potentially be sweating too, a washable pair of gloves is ideal. 

When you finally find gloves that fit you perfectly, you will want to ensure they last. A few things you can habitually do to make your gloves last is to hand wash them when possible. Drying your gloves flat and in a shady spot will further protect any synthetic parts of the gloves. 

Your quest for extremely durable gloves may need to also consider the design of the gloves. Natural places where gloves wear through include the knuckles and fingertips. Good gloves will have reinforced stress points. 


Great gloves may cost as much as a pair of riding boots. However, your budget may not extend that far. So it’s advisable to consider what you are getting for the amount you are paying. Also, keep in mind whether you really need a particular feature or if it’s nice to have, but not essential. 

While a budget pair of gloves will probably come in a type that has no special sizes, even universal sizing can be comfortable. It all depends on how accurately you measure your hands. Even on budget gloves, you can look for features such as a silicone grip, synthetic suede palms, and an adjustable snap closure, or a velcro strap on a flexible wrist. 

A good pair of gloves need not necessarily be the most expensive gloves you can afford.

Horse Riding Gloves FAQs

Should you wear gloves when horse riding?

Yes, wearing gloves while horseback riding can help improve rein grip, offer steadier contact with the horse’s mouth, and protects the rider’s hands from chafing when a horse becomes strong and pulls. Riding gloves also help with sun protection as riding is mostly an outdoor sport where sun damage of the skin can lead to health concerns such as skin cancer.

Can you wash horse riding gloves?

Yes, synthetic riding gloves are often machine washable. If you are unsure whether your synthetic riding gloves can be machine washed, opt to hand wash them. With leather gloves, it is suitable to use a leather wash product or to clean them the same way you would clean your leather saddles: leather soap/glycerine and saddle oil to maintain flexibility. 

What is the difference between general riding gloves and showing gloves for horseback riding?

General riding gloves come in many different shapes, colors, and materials. From blingy designs to padded winter gloves, the options are endless. When choosing gloves to wear in the show ring, most wear equestrian colors like black, navy, and brown. In dressage tests, riders traditionally wear white gloves. 

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