Best Horse Saddle Bag (Our Top Picks & Buyer's Guide)

best horse saddle bag

Saddle bags can be hugely beneficial for avid trail riders. They allow you to store essentials like keys, cell phones, water bottles, food, first aid kits, and rain gear. 

This means that you can be prepared for any situation, and can spend hours on the trails without having to worry. 

In this article, we review the best horse saddle bags out there. We also provide you with a buyer’s guide that will help you choose the correct saddle bag for your needs. 

Top 6 Horse Saddle Bags (Our Review)

Weaver Leather Trail Saddle Bag (Best For Trail Rides)

[amazon box=”B00ZFO3FCQ”]

The [amazon link=”B00ZFO3FCQ” title=”Weaver Leather Trail Saddle Bag”] is our best-rated saddle bag for trail rides.

This saddle bag is designed for the toughest of trails. It is made out of 600D polyester and has a weather-resistant coat made out of polyurethane. 

There is more than enough storage space in this bag. It has two main compartments – one is insulated, which makes it perfect for storing food and drinks. And the other is buckled and has additional interior pockets for storing smaller items.

Additionally, there are two mesh pockets and two side pockets – one that closes with hook and loop straps, and one that has a waterproof zip. Smaller items like phones and keys can be kept here. 

This bag features reflective piping to make sure that you are visible on the trails and has straps that are adjustable and provide extra stability, especially for those bumpy trail rides. 

The only downside is that the pockets are smaller than what they appear, and the fact that the main compartments are closed with buckles, means that they are not waterproof.

This saddle bag can be purchased for approximately $58.


  • Lots of different pockets for storage
  • Reflective pipes so you can be seen on the trail 
  • Extra stability for bumpy terrains
  • Has a weather-resistant coat


  • Large compartments are not waterproof
  • Pockets are smaller than they seem 

Weaver Leather Chap Leather Saddle Bag (Best Leather Saddle Bag)

[amazon box=”B001CDZNBK”]

The [amazon link=”B001CDZNBK” title=”Weaver Leather Chap Leather Saddle Bag”] is the best genuine and authentic leather saddle bag available. 

This bag is made out of top-grain chap leather, and the buckles are made from brass plated hardware. This bag is stylish, sleek, and most importantly, durable. 

This bag consists of two extra-wide storage compartments and has a very generous amount of storage space. 

The storage compartments are just two big compartments though, so there is no space for storing smaller items, and things can get quite disorganized inside of them. 

Two buckle straps keep the pouches closed, and your goods secured. 

While the saddle bag advertised shows light, tan leather, what is received is usually a lot darker, and not the same as the image used for advertising. 

Due to this saddle bag being made out of leather, it is unfortunately not waterproof, so if you get stuck in the rain it might not hold up so well.

This genuine leather saddle bag can be purchased for approximately $150.


  • Good quality leather
  • Durable 
  • Very stylish and classy looking 
  • Two extra-wide storage compartments


  • Not water resistant
  • The bag received looks different from the one advertised

TrailMax 500 Insulated Saddle Bag (Best Synthetic Saddle Bag)

[amazon box=”B01N95LZ2M”]

The [amazon link=”B01N95LZ2M” title=”TrailMax 500 Insulated Saddle Bag”] is the best synthetic saddle bag available. The TrailMax 500 is made out of 1680 denier ripstop nylon, which is extremely strong and durable. The outer shell of the saddle bag has a PVC coating that is water-resistant and also seals closed with water-resistant zips. 

There is also an additional nylon liner that provides even more protection between your goods and the weather elements. 

This saddle bag is extremely lightweight and compact, too. There are two large insulated padded pockets on each side that are big enough to fit a lunch box, extra clothing, or a first aid kit. 

There are two smaller compartments on each side that allow you to store your smaller items, such as keys, too. 

The TrailMax 500 has an extremely functional design and has D-rings and mounting grommets that can be easily and securely fastened. 

Although there is plenty of pocket space, the pockets are quite small, and it can be difficult to fit all your personal items in them, let alone the items of more than one person.

This saddle bag is compatible with Western saddles, as well as Australian, and endurance saddles, and can be bought for a very affordable price of approximately $85.


  • Extremely strong 
  • Very weather-resistant and waterproof
  • Functional design
  • Has a lot of storage pockets


  • Not as big as you would think
  • Can only fit one person’s goods in it

TrailMax Original Pommel Pocket (Best Saddle Bag That Fits On Your Pommel)

[amazon box=”B00AMOD3W6″]

The [amazon link=”B00AMOD3W6″ title=”TrailMax Original Pommel Pocket”] is the best saddle bag that fits over your pommel. 

Pommel bags are obviously a lot smaller than most saddle bags and should be used for a short ride to keep your keys, phone, or camera safe. 

This pommel bag uses 600 denier polyester, and a heavy-duty zipper to ensure durability and longevity.

This compact little bag fits nicely on your pommel and can be quickly attached or detached thanks to the side-release buckles found on the webbing straps. 

We love that this saddle bag is machine washable and dries quickly.

This TrailMax Pommel Pocket is available in four different colors – orange, brown, hunter green, and black, and is compatible with Western or Endurance saddles. 

It is not great for longer trail rides where you will need to take more things with you, but it can fit all the necessities in it, with even a bit of space for a small snack. 

This pommel bag comes in at a decent price of about $15.


  • Durable
  • Weather-resistant 
  • Small and easy to use
  • Machine washable 


  • Not good for long trail rides where you need to store more items

TrailMax English/Endurance Horse Saddle Bag For Trail Riding (Best For English Saddles)

[amazon box=”B072N3LST9″]

The [amazon link=”B072N3LST9″ title=”TrailMax English/Endurance Horse Saddle Bag For Trail Riding”] is one of the best horse saddle bags available for English saddles. It is designed as a rear cantle bag, so it sits at the back of your saddle.

This horse saddle bag is created from 100% pure 1680 denier nylon and is strong and durable.  

This saddle bag is extremely sturdy – it has velcro straps that ensure it is secured to your horse’s girth billets so that it does not shift around. 

The sleeve, which sits over the saddle, is lined with fleece so that it does not damage your saddle. 

The TrailMax English saddle bag consists of three different compartments that are easy to access. There is one large main compartment, and on either side of it, you will find a smaller compartment. The large compartment is big enough to store essential trail riding gear, while the smaller pockets can fit any personal items that the horse rider has. 

This English horse saddle bag can be purchased for a great price of approximately $65.


  • Great for English saddles
  • Does not move around
  • Three compartments to store goods in
  • Durable and weather-resistant


  • Not suitable for all saddle types
  • It can be hard to reach the zips while riding

Reinsman Deluxe Insulated Leak Proof Cooler Saddle Bag With Cantle Bag And Straps (Best Overnight Or Weekend Trail Bag)

[amazon box=”B07XR5PY7D”]

The [amazon link=”B07XR5PY7D” title=”Reinsman Deluxe Insulated Leak Proof Cooler Saddle Bag With Cantle Bag And Straps”] is a great saddle bag for trail riders who enjoy overnight trails, or even just a very long ride. 

This horse saddle bag is kitted out with everything that you could need. It has insulated side compartments that act as a cooler bag. Not only are they leakproof, but they also keep your lunch and water bottles cool for many hours on the trail. 

On the cooler bags, there are side and top compartments that are also insulated, and provide you with easy access to your snacks. 

Above all of this, there is an additional cantle bag and straps that can hold anything else the horse rider may need, such as rain gear, cloth materials, or a first aid kit. 

This horse saddle bag has padded liners on the inside of all these compartments the ensure your horse remains completely comfortable, too. 

Unfortunately, the Reinsman Deluxe saddle bag only really fits with Western saddles and is not compatible with the other types. 

This horse saddle bag can be purchased for around $125.


  • Insulated cooler bags keep lunch and water bottles cool 
  • Great for overnight trails
  • A very large amount of storage
  • Durable


  • Only compatible with Western saddles

Best Horse Saddle Bag Buyer’s Guide

saddle bag


If leather is used, it may look very appealing, but it won’t be very weather-resistant, in terms of water and sun damage. 

Synthetic material, such as nylon can often be the better choice. Synthetic saddle bags are usually waterproof, durable, and will withstand most weather conditions, keeping your goods much more protected than what leather would. 

Ideally, you want a bag that will be able to protect your items through all different kinds of weather, and that will last for a long time, which is what the synthetic ones are known for. 

Type Of Saddle Bag 

This refers to if your saddle bag is a pommel bag, wither bag, or a cantle bag.

Pommel & Wither Bag

A pommel bag is small and convenient and sits over the saddle horn, or uses a front D-ring to clip on to. 

A wither bag fits into the breastplate of your horse’s saddle

These are both convenient because you won’t have to turn around to access them.

Both place the weight over your horse’s front feet, helping to maintain its center of gravity, and create balance. 

Maintaining balance is an important factor to consider, as it will prevent your horse from getting injured, and it will make the horse more comfortable and able to maintain his endurance for longer periods of time. 

Cantle Bag

A cantle bag sits on the back of the saddle, and can usually fit a lot bigger things, such as first aid kits, in them than the above two can.

The type that you choose depends on what purpose you want them to serve. 

If you are going on a short day ride and don’t need to bring too much with you, then a pommel bag or wither bag will suffice. But, if you are going on a longer ride or an overnight ride, you will need to look into a cantle bag. 


Horse saddle bags come in all different shapes and sizes, and while they aren’t produced in size categories, it is important to look at their specs and see if their size will suit your needs. 

The size you need will also be based on what activity you will be doing. For example, if you are going on a fairly short day ride, then a pommel bag will be more than sufficient. But, if you are going on a long trail ride, you will have to make sure your bag is large enough to hold everything. 

Another important aspect to consider is how the size will affect the weight of the bag. A bigger bag will obviousl;y hold more and be heavier, and could make your horse unbalanced. 

Make sure you do research beforehand and figure out what the maximum weight is that your horse can carry comfortably.


Different saddle bags come with different amounts, and sizes, of compartments. Some saddle bags have two compartments, whereas some have five. 

You need to make sure that you have enough compartments to store all your essential items. 

Some saddle bags also only have small compartments, so if you are planning on taking a first aid kit or a lunch box with you on your ride, there obviously won’t be enough space. 

The same can be said for saddle bags that only have large compartments. If you have small items such as keys or a cell phone, if the compartment is too large, these items will get lost in them. 

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