Best Toys For Horses (Top Choices For Enrichment)

best toys for horses

Just like humans, horses are playful animals that require constant stimulation, and horse toys will serve that purpose. 

To avoid your equestrian friend from developing unhealthy habits such as weaving, cribbing, or destructive chewing, use this guide to find stimulating toys that will cure their boredom. 

There are a few factors to consider before purchasing toys for your horse which is why we provide a handy buyer’s guide to help make that decision easier. 

Let’s jump into our best toys for horses list that includes toys suited for stall entertainment, as well as for outdoor fun and socializing. 

7 Best Horse Toys For Indoor Or Outdoor Entertainment

Horsemen’s Pride Stall Snack Holder 

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A stable toy that is ideal for horse entertainment and snacking. The horsemen’s pride stall snack holder consists of a treat holder and a playful ball. 

These stall toys are connected to hang away from stall walls which allows them to swing and spin and swirl. Although it is not sold with a connecting rope, it is fairly easy to install. 

The horse is challenged to retrieve the treats with licking and nudging movements, making it great for mental and physical stimulation. Your horse is encouraged to use fine motor skills.

This horse toy is also visually sensual and has a great kinesthetic design that won’t spook your horse. 

Not only does the treat retrieval keep the horse busy for quite some time, but the colorful playball also serves as a great distraction. 

Treat portions can last up to three weeks in the treat holder. Treats can be varied by using different types and flavors of treats. The Horsemen’s pride stall snack holder satisfies all senses of your beloved friend. 


  • Visually stimulating & kinesthetically designed
  • Easy installation
  • Kinesthetic design
  • Enhances fine motor skill development
  • Does not take up space
  • Ideal for any age


  • No connecting rope
  • Treats have to be self-acquired
  • Treats may attract flies

YUYUSO Horse Treat Ball Hay Feeder Ball Hanging Feeding Toy

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Another great boredom buster for hours of entertainment with the reward of a tasty treat. The YUYUSO toy allows the owner to fill the toy ball with hay and other tasty treats for the horse to enjoy.

This toy may be a great stress-relieving toy as the easy mechanics of the swinging ball can provide a great distraction. Little effort such as a small nudge may be all that is required to get the ball spinning which provides entertainment without extreme input. 

The YUYUSO ball has a wide-swinging and spinning range which results in endless fun for your horse.

As the ball can be filled with hay, it is great for encouraging natural foraging behaviors by encouraging motoric movements of the horse’s jaw. 


  • Easy to install
  • Unlikely to spook your horse
  • Does not take up space
  • Provides timeless stress-relieving fun
  • Ideal for any age


  • Relatively small toy
  • Treats may attract flies
  • Not sold with treats

YUYUSO Horse Mirror Toy Hanging Pony Calming Mirror 

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A mirror can be a fantastic toy to boost your horse’s self-esteem and social skills. A stall mirror is an effective tool to reduce anxiety and feelings of loneliness in your equestrian buddy. By adding a mirror to the stall, it can encourage a calming and consistent environment. 

The mirror is sold with a rope, which makes it easy to set up in the stall. The glass is shatterproof which means it will be safe hanging in your horse’s stall. The shatterproof glass can give you peace of mind.

Horses are herd animals and they typically require the companionship of an equine friend. A mirror is a great way of adding companionship to their stall without taking up any extra space. 

This horse toy is not compatible with aggressive or overly excited horses as it may cause temperamental irritation. Seeing that some horses like making new friends, horses might become bored after a while if all they see is their reflection in the mirror. The best companion for your horse is an equine friend.


  • Easy installation
  • Shatterproof glass
  • Entertaining
  • Builds social skills & aids in companionship
  • Ideal for any age


  • Not compatible with aggressive horses
  • Light reflection might spook the horse
  • Easily bored

Horsemen’s Pride Horse Pas-a-Fier Stall Toy for Horses

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The horse pas-a-fier is a great choice for any horse and provides indoor and outdoor entertainment. 

This treat toy is sold with mounting hardware for easy set-up. It is also easy to clean and is long-lasting.

In their stall, your, horse can easily access the toy to massage painful gums. 

The relaxing action of gum massaging and the rolling motion of the toy can decrease anxiety and tension. It makes for a great solution for any horse with cribbing habits and destructive biting tendencies.

For outdoor pleasure, it can be rolled and chased around in the paddock.  


  • Easy installation & cleaning
  • Visually stimulating
  • Durable 
  • Does not spook horses
  • Good for horses with high-anxiety 
  • Pleasantly apple-scented


  • Not meant to be shared amongst horses

Harrison Howard Mega Horse Play Ball Anti-Burst Giant Horse Ball 

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The anti-burst giant ball can be purchased for hours of fun outdoor horse entertainment and is great for encouraging large motor development. 

This ball makes running and exercising super fun for all horses and is a great way to let go of some built-up tension. It can enhance social behavior if shared amongst horses. 

The anti-burst, non-slip features make it a safe and durable choice for any horse owner.  In the case of an unexpected pierce of the material, the burst-proof design allows for a gentle release of air that won’t spook your horse.

Despite being quite large, the anti-burst ball does not limit a horse owner by occupying space. Once the fun outdoors is over, this ball can be deflated and stored. Its purchase is accompanied by a convenient self-inflate pump. 


  • Safe
  • Convenient storage
  • Different colors available
  • Self-inflates
  • Burst-proof design
  • Encourages exercise and play
  • Boosts social skills


  • Best for young horses and not the elder

Horsemen’s 10″ Jolly Ball Horse Toy

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The Jolly Ball will hit any horse’s stride. The Jolly Ball is best used outdoors where it can be thrown and kicked around, but can also be used for indoor pleasure. 

The Jolly Ball does not need to be inflated. Safety is assured as it is pop or burst-resistant which equals hours of safe fun and enjoyment. 

The unique design of the ball and handle makes it easy to store and hang in the horse’s stall and provides a firm point for the horse to attach its teeth for nudging and biting. 

This toy enhances social skills and companionship if shared amongst your horses.


  • Encourages physical exercise
  • Social skills improvement
  • Easy to store
  • Won’t spook horses
  • Different colors available


  • Not likely compatible with elder horses

Shires Ball Feeder For Horses

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A happy horse is what the ball feeder strives for by combining play and reward. As the ball is pushed and nozzled around, the horse is rewarded with delicious treats. 

The ball feeder can also assist in decreasing anxiety and stimulate a more relaxed and natural eating habit compared to eating from a haystack. 

The fun and mobile design of the ball provides for hours of play and entertainment in and out of the stall. It can be nudged around in small spaces to enhance muscle control or it can be progressed over great distances encouraging running and speed activities. This horse toy is fantastic for fine and gross motor skill development. 

This ball feeder comes in a great variety of colors which is a great way to liven up a stall or provide clear color contrast to green pastures. A color boost is a fantastic way to stimulate horses’ visual senses.


  • Indoor or outdoor entertainment
  • Durable investment
  • Encourages physical movement
  • Easy to clean
  • Develops motor skills
  • Won’t spook horses


  • Not for older horses
  • Treats need to be self-acquired

Horse Toys Buyer’s Guide

horse toys guide

Importance Of Toys For Horses 

Enrichment for horses can do more than beat stall boredom. Establish enrichment as a way to invest in your equine friend to prevent abnormal and detrimental behaviors and to increase normal diverse behaviors.

Physical enrichment results in increased mobility, muscular health, and enjoyment of exercise which leads to a healthy horse. Mental enrichment and stimulation decrease stress and anxiety and lead to a happy horse. 

Other forms of enrichment include nutritional enrichment and sensory enrichment. Stimulation of the senses entails all five senses: visual, auditory, gustatory (taste), and olfactory (smell).  Enrichment increases your horse’s ability to cope and natural behaviors and can be easily achieved with horse toys. 

Types Of Horse Toys

horse ball toy

Outdoor or Paddock Toys

If access to the outdoors permits, some toys can provide hours to chase, kick, push, nose, and toss around. Ideally, a good outdoor toy would be durable and can withstand the elements of nature and rough play. 

The Jolly Ball horse toy or the giant anti-burst balls can be perfect considerations for a spacious outdoor location and hours of active entertainment.  By playing with toys shared amongst many horses such as the giant anti-burst ball and the Jolly ball,  socialization can improve.

For a low price outdoor toy, use stuff like large traffic cones, barrels, durable balls, or a bucket. 

Indoor or Stall Toys

To keep your horse entertained, but its individual needs fulfilled, stable toys and indoor toys can be selected to discourage bad habits. The ideal indoor toy includes one that decreases anxiety with stall rest and discourages bad behavior such as cribbing and destructive biting. It should also be easy to clean inside and to keep hygienic.  

Treat balls with horse supplements can be an easy way to keep busy and to minimize boredom when at stall rest. The snack holder, pas-a-fier, or pony mirror can keep your horse entertained without taking much space. The Shires ball feeder is a great solution as it aids natural grazing habits and decreases anxiety without taking much space. 

Visually stimulating apparel and toys which provide mental stimulation can provide long periods of on-site equestrian bliss. The pas-a-fier stall toy can be a hole-in-one for all ages and temperaments of horses. Its pleasant aroma and bright color can liven up all stalls. The bright YUYUSO treat ball can also prevent bad chewing habits and can serve as a great investment for horses in need of stress relief. 

Treat Dispensing Toys

carrot ball toy

Treat dispensing toys are highly beneficial as they encourage natural grazing and foraging behaviors. By providing a challenge of how to retrieve the treats, mental and physical stimulation takes place.

Salt licks are fantastic treats to consider as a two-in-one combo that provides enrichment and nutrition. Sodium is a vital element for healthy horses and Himalayan salt licks provide 84 different minerals. Salt licks can be hung indoors or outdoors and can last up to several weeks. 

Safety Considerations

In the search for the perfect horse toy, you need to consider safety and ideally chemical-free animal-friendly materials. 

Search for round, smooth edges and avoid anything with sharp points or small parts that can easily break off or fall apart. Ensure items that are hung with rope to be at wither height to prevent entanglement or back strain. 

In general, be sure to select items made from durable and toxin-free material. Remove any plastic wrapping from the items which can be harmful. Treat dispensing treats should be cleaned regularly to prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria.

Homemade Toys

For a great selection of budget-friendly and environment-friendly ways to keep your friend happy, find some reuseable materials and do it yourself.  Make your own hanging kabob treats, fill a mesh net with hay, use dog rope toys, hang a couple of milk jugs filled with noisy pebbles, or simply add that old basketball to their stall. No need to spend money when you can make homemade horse toys that work just as well. 

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