Best Horse Winter Blanket (A Buyer’s Guide)

best winter horse blanket

It’s important to consider blanketing your horse for winter. Buying the best winter blanket for your horse is essential. This is especially true if your steed is elderly, housed outdoors, or body clipped. 

A high-quality winter blanket will keep your horse warm. It should fit comfortably without rubbing against your horse’s skin or gaping open. 

The right horse blanket will also ensure your horse doesn’t sweat and overheat. Thus, both the safety and function of a blanket are vital. 

How exactly do you buy the right blanket for winter? What are the best winter horse blankets on the market? 

We reveal all. After hours of testing and fitting horse blankets that are suitable for winter, we finally decided on these top 6 winter blankets. 

Top 6 Winter Horse Blanket (Our Review)

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Essential Standard Neck Blanket Medium (Best Overall)

[amazon box=”B09C4RSHLH”] 

The [amazon link=”B09C4RSHLH” title=”WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Essential Standard Neck Blanket Medium”] is our choice for the best overall winter blanket for horses. It meets all of our buyer’s guide criteria. 

The WeatherBeeta is a premium midweight blanket with a lining that weighs in at 220 grams. It is the ideal weight to provide warmth for your steed during the winter days. 

It also features a side gusset so your horse can move naturally. 

The blanket has fleece wither protection that’s made of 100% Boa fleece. This ensures the liner won’t rub or chafe the skin of your horse. 

If you keep your horse in their paddock, the outer material layer is made from 1200D (denier) ripstop fabric, so it meets the minimum requirements of 1,000 denier. 

This is a durable blanket! Many horse owners love this blanket as it’s also waterproof, so your horse stays dry as water is repelled. 

To help your horse stay comfortable, the 210D Oxford polyester lining ensures sufficient airflow so your horse doesn’t overheat. 


  • Available in 8 color options
  • Comes in 14 different sizes (from 48 inches to 87 inches) 
  • Durable and warm
  • Adjustable with traditional shoulder gusset one each side, double front buckles, twin low cross surcingles or belly straps, removable leg straps, and standard tail flap 
  • Good for high withered horses 


  • Doesn’t come with a neck cover 
  • Rear leg straps easily trap dirt and grime

CHALLENGER 1200D Turnout Waterproof Rain Horse Sheet Light Winter Blanket Gusset 361G (Best Budget) 

[amazon box=”B017ADOCZI”]

The [amazon link=”B017ADOCZI” title=”CHALLENGER 1200D Turnout Waterproof Rain Horse Sheet Light Winter Blanket Gusset 361G”] meets our criteria for the best budget winter blanket for your horse. 

It’s a durable blanket at 1200D and the stitching of the seams are heavily reinforced. The blanket’s outer material is made from ripstop material so it is wind and waterproof. 

The poly outer shell features a 210D lining for improved breathability and durability. 

The turnout blanket has no additional insulation, making it ideal for warmer winters. If the temperature drops, combine this blanket with a secondary blanket liner for extra warmth. 

There is fur on the tail flap and the withers to provide some extra warmth for your horse. 


  • Comes in 10 sizes (from 66 inches to 84 inches)
  • Fits stocky quarter horses
  • Adjustable with the removable nylon leg straps, quick snaps, and double front buckles 
  • Durable 
  • Waterproof


  • Only available in purple/black
  • No insulation, but you can pair it with a secondary blanket liner 

Tough-1 1200D Snuggit Turnout 200g (Best Turnout Horse Blanket) 

[amazon box=”B0093JKON2″]

The [amazon link=”B0093JKON2″ title=”Tough-1 1200D Snuggit Turnout 200g”] wins the best turnout blanket category because of the 200 grams polyfill insulation. It’s combined with great durability and a water-repellent quality fabric shell.

This keeps your horse’s body heat up and protected when there is wind and rain. 

Other blankets are heavier and only suitable during extreme cold, while the Tough-1 1200D is suitable for all weather conditions.

The outer shell, which is a 1200 denier poly, is waterproof. The spine of the blanket, or center seam, is seamless, ensuring no water drops can find their way inside. 

The blanket has a double-sewn heavy nylon binding that secures the material.

The 210 denier poly lining is soft against the skin of your steed, and it promotes breathability. It prevents rubbing, as well as straw, hair, and shavings from getting stuck to your horse’s coat and the blanket inside. 

You can create a custom fit with this winter blanket as the neck is easily adjusted. 

The blanket also features a double buckle front with snap closures, shoulder gussets, adjustable surcingles with T-lock fasteners, a tail cover, and elastic leg straps. 


  • Available in 4 colors (royal blue, hunter green, purple, and red)
  • Comes in 10 sizes (from 69 inches to 84 inches)
  • Durable & Waterproof
  • Customizable fit 
  • Features 200g polyfill insulation to keep your horse warm while they run outside 
  • Easy to clean; machine washable 


  • Material may tear if your horse gets caught in a thorny bush or brushes against a nail in the fencing post

Bucas Celtic Medium Stable Blanket (Best Stable Horse Blanket) 

Bucas Celtic Medium Stable Blanket

The Bucas Celtic Medium Stable Blanket is the best stable blanket. Its outer shell is made from 1100 denier and polypropylene. It also features a Bucas antibacterial Stay-Dry lining. 

You don’t have to worry about this blanket gaping at your horse’s chest since the front overlaps and there’s double padding too. 

For an improved fit over your steed’s shoulder, there is a neck dart. To keep your horse comfortable, the shoulder area is lined with a soft nylon. 

The 150 grams of thermo-bonded polyester insulation keeps your horse warm in the barn and paddocks.


  • Comes in 5 sizes (from 72 inches to 84 inches)
  • Adjustable straps around the legs with elastic and cross surcingles keep the blanket secure
  • Shoulder gussets help with reach and allows horses to graze naturally due to the freedom of movement
  • While this is a stable blanket, it is also waterproof so it can be used as a turnout blanket too
  • Can place this on a wet or sweaty horse as it wicks moisture away 


  • With a high denier rating, the outer shell of the blanket is somewhat stiff
  • Can be uncomfortable for your horse to lie down in

ComFiTec Essential Combo Heavy (Best Waterproof) 

[amazon box=”B01I24V4LE”]

The [amazon link=”B01I24V4LE” title=”ComFiTec Essential Combo Heavy”] is not only a great cold winter blanket, but it is also highly waterproof. 

The blanket has a built-in extension that keeps the neck covered and ensures your horse’s body will remain dry, no matter the type of storm. 

The blanket shell is made from 1200 denier fabric that has been treated to repel water and mud for a dry and clean horse. 

The addition of the tail flap helps flick rain off your steed’s tail, while keeping them fully insulated and dry.


  • Shoulder gussets help to provide natural movement and improved air flow
  • Twin front buckles ensure no gaping openings where water might penetrate
  • Available in 14 sizes (from 48 inches to 87 inches)
  • Three color options (navy, silver, and red)


  • Horses that don’t like the neck section may not tolerate the blanket
  • Neck section is not removable 
  • Wide chested horses may find the neck hood doesn’t fully close, leaving a gap for rainwater to penetrate

Tough-1 1200D Snuggit Turnout 300g (Best Heavy Weight) 

[amazon box=”B00E2DWENC”]

The [amazon link=”B00E2DWENC” title=”Tough-1 1200D Snuggit Turnout 300g”] is a quality rip-proof blanket that is warm and heavyweight. It is one of the best winter horse blankets. 

With a 300 grams liner, this is the perfect blanket for those cold northern winters. The 1200 denier outer shell is durable and adds to the warmth of the blanket. As a bonus, the neck is adjustable for an improved fit.

This is a great indoors and turnout choice as the blanket is waterproof. It will keep your horse dry in any weather. 


  • 210 denier inner lining to help protect the blanket’s fill
  • Blanket inner is 300g poly fill for added warmth
  • Taped outer shell is waterproofed with an additional coating
  • Seamless spine isolates the horse from any water seepage 
  • Available in 19 sizes (from 69 inches to 84 inches)
  • 10 color options


  • Clips have limited strength
  • Some blankets have poorly stitched straps

Horse Blankets For Winter Buyer’s Guide

Type Of Blanket 

Type of Blanket 

There are two main types of horse blankets: stable blankets and turnout blankets.

A turnout blanket is waterproof and ideal if your horse is outdoors and there is a sudden rain shower. It will keep your horse dry. They are also more expensive and can also be used as a stable blanket. 

Stable blankets are not waterproof and they are the best option if your horse is indoors. 

If you would rather opt for a stable blanket for your horse, consider buying cooler sheets, quarter sheets, rain sheets, or liners. Pair this with your stable blanket to add warmth. 

Fit And Size 

How the winter horse blanket fits your steed is one of the main considerations to buying the right size blanket. 

The blanket should cover your horse’s withers, chest, back, and rump. Your horse should be able to move naturally and the blanket should cover the body of your horse. 

The neckline of the blanket should rest comfortably on your horse’s shoulders. The front buckles should align with the point of their shoulders. 

The blanket will be too small if you can’t comfortably run your hand along your horse’s shoulders and chest. The blanket is too big if it gapes. 

The winter blanket should also fit well across your horse’s withers. 

You should be able to place your hand between the blanket and the withers. A too-small blanket will rub your horse and be uncomfortable. 

For the length of the horse blanket, it should be long enough to cover the flank and barrel. The elbow and stifle should not be covered. 

Moreover, the flaps, attachments, and straps should fit your horse’s size.

Blanket Shell And Liner Material

The shell, which is the outer material layer of the blanket, is usually made of a polyester and nylon blend. The shell protects the insulation layer. 

Generally, the insulation layer is a poly-fill. It protects the horse from cold weather and keeps the blanket lightweight. 

With a lower denier rating, the liner is soft and gentle against a horse’s skin. If the liner has a high denier rating, it is tear-resistant, but may cause chafing. 


winter horse blanket

Generally, the more insulated the blanket, thus the heavier it weighs, the better it is to withstand cold temperatures. Insulation ensures your horse stays warm. 

If you’ve body-clipped your horse, the great blanket should keep your steed extra warm. 


When choosing the best blankets, durability is an essential consideration. It justifies how much you spend on a horse blanket. 

Denier indicates how strong the blanket fabric is. So the higher the denier, the thicker and more durable the fabric. 

Low denier blankets, also known as coolers or lines, are not puncture, tear, and abrasion-resistant. However, high denier blankets are. 

Choose a blanket with a denier rating of at least 1,000. 

Strap And Buckle Design 

No blanket is the same. With most blankets, the buckles and straps will be in different places. And since no horse is the same, you need to find a buckle and strap design that works for your horse. 

For example, some horses don’t like buckles that fasten around the back leg. Others don’t like a tail strap. 

By choosing the style and design option that best fits your horse, you will ensure they are comfortable. 

The different straps need to be long enough to reach comfortably. Buckles need to be sturdy and easy to operate. 

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