Hay Nets For Horses (Top 6 Picks & Buyer's Guide)

hay nets for horses

To give you insight into which hay nets for horses are best to invest in, we’ve created a roundup of our 6 favorite options for you to consider. They are all rated high by reviewers and are the perfect slow-feed hay net solutions.

We’ve added a helpful buyer’s guide which will help you decide which in our list, will work best for you and your horse. 

Top 6 Slow Feed Hay Nets (Our Reviews)

Kensington Hay Bag (Best Quality)

kensington Hay Bag

The first checkbox for anyone looking into these products is to look for one that has been made from polyethylene or polypropylene. 

Both materials are extremely tough and can handle being trampled or kicked without any sign of compromising their performance and overall quality.

In addition, both are odor-resistant and easy to clean if they get dirty. The Kensington Bag is a great example of high-quality hay bags with all of these features. 

The opening of these bags is also cleverly designed so your horse won’t be able to push its head through and consume too much hay at once—even if it tries.


  • Better digestion
  • No mess
  • Easy to hang sturdy material
  • Fits up to four flakes of hay


  • Size may vary
  • Limited life span

Weaver Leather Hay Bag (Best For Carrying)

[amazon box=”B01AIRNJ66″]

These [amazon link=”B01AIRNJ66″ title=”Weaver Leather Hay Bags”] are a popular choice for horse owners looking to keep their hay tidy and contained. 

Comes with easy snap closures that reduce hay loss. The mesh sides and bottom ensures breathability and prevent moisture in the hay.

A downside to this hay bag is some horses could get their foot stuck in the hole, so make sure it is hanging high enough to avoid this.  

The Weaver leather hay bag will last you a very long time, except for the mesh which wears and breaks over time.


  • Nylon with mesh finish
  • Simple snap closure
  • Minimize hay loss
  • Rounded feeding hole, with an inner liner


  • Mesh lining short lifespan
  • Big opening for grazing

Tough-1 Mini Web Hay Feeder (Best Ease-Of-Use)

[amazon box=”B06XTRD49K”]

The [amazon link=”B06XTRD49K” title=”Tough-1 Mini Web Feeder”] is a great piece of horse gear to have in any stall. 

This feeder from Tough-1 features heavy-duty steel construction with durable webbing throughout, making it very stable and secure.

A removable floor gives you access to your horses’ feeding needs with ease, and a small drainage port lets you clean out old food that has already been eaten. 

This product can hold up to 16 bales of hay at once, which makes it perfect for any horse owner who wants to make sure their horses are getting enough food on a daily basis. 

The included ropes allow you to hang or tie it securely in place so your horses can’t knock it over while they graze on their meals from it.


  • Slow feeder
  • Made from 1″ webbing
  • Easy Loading
  • Adjustable hanging strap with snaps at both ends to close the top of the bag
  • Lover back straps to secure the bag from spinning


  • Straps dont line up always
  • D rings should be tighter

Freedom Feeder 4-Foot Round Bale (Best For Round Bales) 

Freedom Feeder 4-Foot Round Bale

These large 5-sided cube nets are perfect for those rounded hay bales. If you have a small animal, then you will probably want to use a solution that is smaller than 4 feet on the ground. 

If you are buying hay bales that are very large, then you will want to purchase a larger product for your specific needs. The Freedom 4-Foot Round Bale allows horses and other ponies to enjoy their food without getting stuck or tangled up in it. 

With an 84 diameter opening, there is plenty of room for several horses at once. This can be hung inside or outside with ease due to its durable construction and stainless steel hardware included. 


  • 1 7/8″ mesh openings 
  • Large five-sided cubes that include a drawcord for easy closure
  • All sizes equal in measurements on all sides but could vary slightly


  • Bag can rip easily

Hoops II Collapsible Wall Feeder (Best Space Saver)

[amazon box=”B00JAKPQIW”]

The [amazon link=”B00JAKPQIW” title=”Hoops II Collapsible Net”] is an ideal way to feed your four-legged friends. Made of powder-coated aluminum, its durability means that it will be able to hold up against wear and tear. 

It also makes for easy cleaning, as dirt can simply be hosed off of it. The Hoops II Collapsible Wall Net features a net with a 12-inch diameter, which will make it easy for them to enjoy their food without having to bend down or strain themselves in any way. 

This is especially important for older animals who may have trouble bending over; by using one of these feeders you’ll ensure that they can enjoy meals comfortably. It’s fairly lightweight, making it a simple matter to put up and take down when you’re not using it.


  • Very simple to use and easy to load
  • Mounting low for a natural grazing position
  • Hammered finish
  • Nets easily slide onto the frame


  • Nylon netting is flimsy

Majestic Ally 2 pcs Slow Feed 42” Hay Net for Horses (Best Budget)

[amazon box=”B085SW3HJ3″]

The [amazon link=”B085SW3HJ3″ title=”Majestic Ally Slow Feed Net”] is a durable and simple hay net made from soft animal-friendly nylon and comes in a pack of 2. It’s great value for money.

The small holes help to prevent stomach issues such as colic or indigestion. Your horse won’t eat too quickly or gulp in too much air while feeding. Perfect choice for horses that are prone to these problems. You also won’t need to fill the hay net regularly.

Some horse owners found it difficult to add hay, but we didn’t find this problem at all. We find that they are also sturdier than the [amazon link=”B06XTRD49K” title=”Tough-1 Mini Web Feeder”].


  • Comes in a pair
  • Inexpensive
  • Made for slow feeding


  • Tie string wears over time

Hay Net Buyer’s Guide

hay net guide


Horse nets are made from polypropylene or polyester. Both materials are effective in keeping horses in at night, but polypropylene is more durable and lasts longer with use. 

The size of horse nets and bags can vary, so it’s important to know how big you need each of these to be. 


To make sure you’re choosing the right size hay net or bag for your horse, consider his age and weight as well as his daily amount of hay. 

First, consider how many bales of hay you’ll typically be feeding to your horse in one day. For example, is it 2-3 or 4-5 bales? You’ll want to get a size of net or bag that will easily hold 1-2 days’ worth of hay for your horse.

Hay Net vs Hay Bag

Both horse bags and horse nets are devices that are used to hold a horse. However, there are some key differences between these two pieces of equine equipment. 

In short, a horse bag is secured around either a horse’s neck or body while they graze or rest in their stall, whereas a horse net drapes over top of them as they move around.

Most hay bags are readily available at most local farm stores. They’re incredibly convenient; however, they’re not nearly as useful as hay nets when it comes to keeping your horse healthy and happy. 

Hay bags don’t keep out moisture or pests, meaning insects have an easy time crawling in through broken stitches or holes in the netting. The best option is a high-quality wooden hay net. 

It may cost more than a bag initially, but it will end up being far less expensive over time, not to mention much healthier for your horse.

Benefits Of A Slow Feeder

One of horse bag vs. horse net’s biggest benefits is that it encourages proper eating habits in your horse. 

This means slower, more thorough chewing; according to one study, when horses were fed from slow hay feeders, they spent 30% more time eating than those who ate from traditional hay nets. 

This not only reduces instances of colic, an extremely uncomfortable condition for any animal but also has significant positive effects on health.

Slow Feeder Considerations


If you have a large breed horse it’s best to invest in one that accommodates their size, especially if they are always gulping down their food too quickly. 


Additionally, you will want to look at what shape works best with your horse’s chewing style (round, square, or hexagonal), as well as how much space they have available on either side of their feed bowl. 


It’s also important to consider whether or not you want your slow feeder to fold. That might be an option if you need to store it away when not in use, but they are usually larger than flimsier feeders.  

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