High Horse Saddle Reviews (Best Options From Circle Y)

High Horse Saddle Reviews

Texas-based Circle Y is renowned for its amazing Western saddlery range, including the quality yet affordable High Horse brand. 

It might be tricky to choose between the different options for a new horserider or if you haven’t bought from them before. 

It’s good to check reviews before spending several hundred dollars on this critical item for your tack room.

We have put together a list of High Horse saddle reviews so you can find the best options for a more comfortable ride, for you and your horse. Let us help you fit your needs and budget to get the best saddle in your price range.

6 Best High Horse Saddles From Circle Y 

Our Circle Y High Horse saddle review covers Western saddles for trail riding, training, barrel racing, a gaited horse, and show purposes. 

If you aren’t sure which saddle to go for as a new horserider, our reviews show that High Horse trail saddles are reliable all-rounders. 

Rosebud Cordura Trail Saddle (Best Budget Saddle) 

Rosebud Cordura Trail Saddle

The High Horse Rosebud Cordura is a highly affordable and comfortable saddle. With Cordura material, these trail saddles are easy to look after and lightweight. 

This trail saddle has understated leather hand-tooling detail with eye-catching copper conchos. This makes it perfect for everyday trail riding with a touch of style. 

The Rosebud Saddle seat comes in black grainout or black suede. The saddle comes in dark walnut or black. 

The saddle skirt is suited to horses of different sizes, even with a shorter back. Make sure to get the measurements right when you order gear from Circle Y. Fit the saddle correctly to your horse. 

If the price is right but you want a trail saddle with different embellishments, check out the Daisetta Cordura Saddle.


  • Highly affordable
  • Light weight Cordura materials
  • Elegant design with diamond waffle hand-tooling and rosebud conchos


  • Won’t last as long as more expensive options from Circle Y

Round Rock Gaited Trail Saddle (Best for Gaited Horses) 

Round Rock Gaited Trail Saddle

High Horse’s Round Rock is a few hundred dollars more than their less expensive saddles. We believe this saddle offers good value for money. 

The double-padded seat adds to the cost, but it’s worth it for an even more comfortable ride with your gaited horse.

The great saddle displays Circle Y’s exquisite craftspersonship. It is one of the best-looking ladies’ saddles in this affordable price range. The engraved silver conchos look lovely with floral leather hand-tooling and side-stitched stirrups. 

If you like this gaited Western saddle but don’t want leather embellishments or you’re on a budget, try the El Campo Gaited Saddle.


  • Extra padding for a comfortable ride
  • Beautiful leather for ladies in a choice of black or walnut finish 
  • Silver-plated conchos have a protective coating


  • Embellishments might not be suited to everyone

Oakland Trainer Saddle (Best Training Saddle) 

Oakland Saddle

The Oakland Saddle has a sturdy tree but is still on the lighter weight side for a colt and smaller show horse. We agree that the seating design and materials make training easier. 

The saddle isn’t embellished but High Horse hasn’t sacrificed aesthetics. The chocolate suede and Ultra Lite leather are impressive. We believe it will look lovely on a chestnut or bay coat horse. But it won’t work as well with a grey or white horse.

The Oakland Trainer Saddle is easy to clean and because of the roughout leather, gives you an extra stick in the saddle. It’s not overly expensive, but well worth the price for the quality. The pre-turned fenders will help stay balanced in the saddle, and makes for a more comfortable ride.


  • Well-priced training saddle
  • Stable DURAhide tree
  • Doubles as an eye-catching saddle for the show ring


  • Only one color option which may not work for your horse

Gladewater Show Saddle (Best for Show Horses) 

Gladewater Show Saddle

The Gladewater Saddle is the most expensive in the High Horse line but it’s well priced for a show saddle from Circle Y. 

It’s ideal for young and new show horse riders as it’s well-balanced with a slightly higher cantle height. This helps keep you in the best posture. It’s a comfortable model and so pretty you will want to ride with it all the time. 

The Gladewater Show Saddle has black suede seating. All leathers have a splendid floral pattern. Silver-plated conchos, engraved stirrups plus shiny corner and cantle plates add elegant touches. 

This well-made saddle is their only show model but it comes in two color options: Dark Walnut and Ultra Lite. This gives you some more flexibility compared to the Oakland Saddle.


  • Great for a new show horse
  • Show-stopping style including silver stirrups
  • Two color options to match your horse


  • Not designed for everyday use
  • Most expensive High Horse saddle 

Highbank Cordura Trail Saddle (Best Trail Saddle With No Cattle Horn) 

Highbank Cordura Trail Saddle

High Horse designed the Highbank Saddle for non-utility riding. It has no cattle horn. This is ideal if you are riding in conditions where it can get in the way. Just make sure the seat size is well-fitted for security.

Some may prefer this saddle for long rides on trails. This endurance riding saddle has many benefits for security on rougher terrain. This includes helpful rear-angle dees and nylon straps, among other gear. 

Like the Rosebud, the Highbank comes in a choice of dark walnut or black with black grainout or black suede seat. Materials include Cordura fenders and cap skirt. 


  • Affordable choice for trail enthusiasts
  • Easy care
  • Durable with rust-resistant brass


  • Some may prefer a cattle horn if it gives a feeling of extra security
  • No embellishments 

Madison Barrel Saddle (Best For Barrel Racing) 

Madison Barrel Saddle

The Madison is one of eight different barrel racing saddles from the High Horse online shop. While the Madison is the most expensive of the barrel saddles from our reviews, it’s worth the outlay for what you get. 

There are eight different design options. There’s a lot of freedom to choose the look you want compared to other gear. 

You can mix beautiful colored leather overlays, like the Turquoise Navajo or Pecan Diamond pattern, with a chocolate or heavy oil color saddle. Look out for matching saddle pads from Circle Y. 

The Madison model has rubber stirrup treads and a neat-fitting, secure seat. These will help you stay secure while maneuvring.

The saddle is on par with a Dakota barrel saddle. You may be on the lookout for a budget or lightweight barrel racing saddle. In that case, the Mercury Cordura is a worthy choice and highly durable.


  • Well-priced barrel racing saddle
  • Plenty of color choices
  • Coordinate with matching saddle pad


  • Most expensive barrel saddle from High Horse

High Horse Saddle Buyer’s Guide 


High Horse balances good quality with great price competitiveness very well. It isn’t necessary to spend more than about $1000 to $1500 on a trail saddle for new or casual riders. There are numerous High Horse saddles to choose from.

If you can’t afford a new High Horse saddle, look out for second-hand ones in good shape. 

Remember that a cheaper saddle is likely to be a thorn in your horse’s side. Bad-fitting saddles cause all kinds of problems from crooked riding and slipping, to back pain. 


Some of the many benefits of High Horse saddles are that they have a 10-year warranty on the tree and a 1-year warranty on the rest of the saddle. Remember to register your saddle on their website for a full warranty.

You can certainly find some super high-quality and fancier saddles. But they will be considerably more expensive. 

Saddle Type

Bear in mind that our review covers Western saddles. The High Horse line is pretty self-explanatory. The trail, training, show, and barrel racing saddles are for these purposes. 

Gaited saddles are for a horse that always keeps one hoof on the ground. 

With these saddles, there is some flexibility though. You can use one of their training or barrel saddles in shows. Trail saddles can also be used for different purposes.

Seat Size

Seat sizes are fitted to each rider. Youths and small adults generally take a 12- to 14-inch saddle. Most adults will fit a 15- to 16-inch. Larger folk can look at 17 or more inches. 

Take care when you place orders from the online shop and get helpful expert advice if you are unsure. The right size will ensure you get the most out of riding and learn faster. 

Tree Size

You will fit the saddle tree size to the horse’s gullet or back. High Horse saddles come with a regular tree and semi QH bars. Some are also sold from the online shop with a wide or extra-wide tree. 

A wide tree fits a wider-backed horse. Regular trees are lightweight enough for ponies.

A properly-fitting saddle will mean a happier, more relaxed horse with less chance of health problems. Make sure it fits well from the beginning. Don’t guess when you place orders and just go for the regular fit.

Also regularly review for changes in how well your saddle fits. Muscle built-up, or lost, might require a change in saddle size. You can contact Circle Y through their helpful online shop for fast answers. 

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