Salt Block For Horses (Buyer's Guide)

Salt Block For Horses

Salt blocks are a great way to help horse owners increase their horse’s salt intake, and mineral and water consumption. 

Adding salt and other minerals into your horse’s diet can help balance their electrolytes and replenish any minerals that are lost through sweating, especially in the summer months.

There are a lot of different salt licks out there, but which is going to be the most beneficial for your horse?

We review some of the best salt blocks that many horses love. We also provide a buyer’s guide on what to look out for when purchasing your own one. 

Top 4 Salt Block For Horses (Our Review)

Compressed Himalayan Salt Lick for Horse (Best Overall)

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The [amazon link=”B0745KFDC7″ title=”Compressed Himalayan Salt Lick”] for Horse is made out of pink Himalayan compressed salt that is 100% natural and sourced from the mines of Northern Pakistan.

The salt is compressed under 1000 tons of pressure, and shaped into a smooth block. No binding agents or chemicals have been used in the compression process, making it very safe for your horse. 

One of the advantages of having it shaped into a smooth block is that it is more pleasant and safer for your horse to lick. Salt blocks that are naturally shaped have sharp edges on them, which make them difficult to lick. It can also cut or bruise their tongues.

This pink Himalayan salt block also contains 84 minerals and trace elements that are essential to ensure your horse has a healthy diet. 

There is a hole in the middle, which can either be used to hang it from a string or place it on a pole. 

Some people have found it to be quite a small block, smaller than expected.

This 11-pound salt block can be purchased for approximately $25.


  • Safer for your horse’s tongue
  • Pure and natural salt has been used
  • Contains 84 minerals


  • Some horses don’t like the taste
  • Might be quite small

Redmond Rock on a Rope Unrefined Salt Rock (Ideal For Hanging)

Redmond Rock on a Rope Unrefined Salt Rock

The Redmond Rock on a Rope Unrefined Salt Rock is made out of Redmond Rock, which is a natural sea salt mined from the ground in Utah. The Redmond Rock sea salt contains trace minerals that are said to be from ancient seas that were around thousands of years ago.

Redmond salt is known to be one of the best salt blocks for horses who are mineral deficient, due to the vast amount of minerals that it contains. The Redmond Rock has a mineral content of approximately 7%, while most Pakistani Himalayan salt blocks only have about 3% mineral content. 

Since it comes with a rope, it is ideal for hanging in barns, stables, or out in the field by their food. 

The Redmond Rock salt block is weather-resistant, and even though it is soluble, it can last in the rain a lot better than other pressed blocks.

This 3 to 5-pound salt block can be purchased for about $15.


  • High mineral content
  • Holds up quite well in the rain
  • Made from natural sea salts


  • Only lasts about 6 weeks

Milliard 6 lb Himalayan Animal Salt (Longest Lasting)

Milliard 6 lb Himalayan Animal Salt

The Milliard 6 lb Himalayan Animal Salt is a salt block that has been mined in the ancient Himalayas. 

The Millard salt blocks provide the perfect combination of a salt lick and a mineral block. This salt block is packed with important vitamins.

There are 84 trace minerals in this salt block, which are highly absorbable. They are the perfect addition to your horse’s diet to make sure they are getting enough other minerals into their bodies too. 

This specific salt block is resistant to rain and biting, so it should last a decent amount of time. 

There have been mixed reviews as to how sturdy it is, though. Some people say it cracks easily and dissolves in the rain, while others have absolutely loved it and have had no problems. 

Millard’s salt block can be bought for about $30.


  • Minerals are highly absorbable
  • Claims to be sturdy and weather-resistant
  • Provides your horse with a balanced diet


  • Not very sturdy and durable

Gatsby Himalayan Salt Block (Best Budget)

Gatsby Himalayan Salt Block

The Gatsby Himalayan Salt Block is a natural, smooth, salt block that comes in the shape of a rectangle and weighs 4.4 pounds.

The Gatsby salt block is made from minerals and trace elements mined from the Himalayan mountains. This salt block has a rosy pink color that is caused by the high mineral content of the salt. These minerals include potassium, iron, and magnesium.

These blocks are quite literally rock hard, which prevents biting. They also fit nicely into most salt block holders

The fact that it fits in a salt block holder and is not hung on a rope makes it easier for your horse to lick because it doesn’t keep swinging away as it does on a rope.

The size might be too small for some people, but the small size and lightweight make it ideal to take with you on trail rides. It also makes sure that their water consumption stays high and that they stay energized throughout the ride. 

This salt lick is very affordable and can be purchased for about $7.


  • Fits into a salt block holder
  • Can be bought for a decent price
  • Easy to transport and bring with on trail rides
  • Filled with natural trace minerals


  • Might be too small

Salt Block Buyer’s Guide

salt block guide

Salt Blocks vs Mineral Blocks 

While most salt blocks do come with added trace minerals, you can get a plain white salt block that is purely sodium chloride and is basically like compressed iodized table salt.

But which one is best, and which do you need for optimum equine health?

Sodium chloride is an important part of your horse’s diet, as it helps restore electrolyte balance and prevents dehydration. 

But, if your horse is eating only hay, and you are not supplementing them with other vitamins and minerals, then sodium chloride salt blocks won’t be enough to ensure a healthy diet.

In this case, we recommend purchasing a salt block that contains trace minerals in addition to the salt.

Best Salt Types

The most common types of salt available are Himalayan salts and Redmond salts.

Himalayan Salts

Himalayan salts are great because they are unprocessed and are classified as a mineral salt block due to all of the minerals that naturally occur in them, which includes high levels of iron.

Redmond Salts

Redmond salts are farmed from the soil, and that is where they get their nutrients and minerals from. 

Redmond salt is made up of approximately 7% of minerals, and Himalayan salt contains 3%.

Although both are great options, if you are looking for a salt block with higher mineral quantities, then a Redmond rock salt block is the better option. 

Weather Resistance

When you purchase a salt block, it is important to know where you are going to place it, and if it needs to be weather resistant. 

If you are going to keep it in a barn then rain and wind won’t be too much of an issue. It is mostly only humid conditions that you need to consider and be wary of.

Whereas if you’re planning on keeping it outside, it should be able to withstand all the elements and still last for several weeks. 

Size And Weight

The size and weight of the salt block are something you need to consider. 

If you are planning on taking the salt block with you on trail rides, it can’t be too big or heavy, as it needs to fit in your saddle bag.

Horse owners should also determine the size needed based on the body weight of your horse, what their other salt sources are, and if you think they are salt deprived.

If your horse is big and doesn’t have many other salt sources or is not meeting its trace mineral needs then a bigger salt block will be needed.


The shape of the salt block is important if you are wanting to put it into a salt block holder. Make sure you get one that is the right size for it.

Salt blocks that are roughly cut rocks, and not a smooth uniform shape, can also cause bruising or cuts to your horse’s tongue, which is something that should be considered too. 

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